Just finished #TheExpanse Book 9, and I am profoundly sad that this riveting, thought-provoking space opera is over. Thank you @JamesSACorey@twitter.com for a decade of adventures with the Roci crew.


@killyourfm It's so astonishing how well this series ended, both the show and the novels. I haven't had that feeling of excitement for sci-fi since probably Babylon 5. What I would really love: a video game set in between books 6 and 7, to explore the world of the Expanse a bit more.

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@jynersolives I can't even fathom the overwhelming pressure the authors must have faced to end the series on such a perfect, high note.

Honestly, as much as I devoured the entire book series, I had my reservations when I got to book 9. But you're right, they pulled it off.

The ending got me so hyped about the universe all over again! I'm planning a rewatch/re-read that also incorporates podcasts and episode recaps...

On the video game side, hopefully the Telltale game will be great?

@killyourfm I hope so too about the telltale game. But I would probably prefer some kind of action RPG, where you can fly a spaceship, discover stuff on alien planets, get into missions from the UN, Mars, the Belt etc. Something like the Witcher meets Mass Effect meets Elite Dangerous. One can dream 😄

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