Hello friends from my home land.

Welcome to #fediverse.

I am Noorul, co -admin/moderator.

I am happy to assist if anything required.

Upholding criminality, rewarding criminals, punishing victims, dancing on drumbeats of majoritarianism and tyrannising minority is not alien to this world.

Out of sight, out of mind — that’s Bhakts on Mastodon.

Anyone belong to Meme community let me know just follow me I'll follow back for sure..

Don't make my toot into tootless 😶

Follow karne ka kya loge?

I don't belong to Godse Mindset 🐘

Fifty Shades of Twitter Modified..

Revolutionary shift from biased bird site..

Yay or nay ?

*knock knock*

Here is a toot which you gonna pick like a toothpick 🐘🦷

Let's Learn Hindi 🇮🇳
Na Zameen, Na Rasta

English : Netherlands Norway

This :verified: custom emoji stopped working?

Checking out Local Timeline is like Filtering spam msg 🙄

3.28am here anyone from my country awake here ? 🇮🇳

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