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twitters big improvement theyve been teasing is shutting down the website

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the hellsite going down has brought me here. this place is much kinder and nicer. we should move here

You are AWESOME and you can do the things! You got this week!

A monday reminder that you are AWESOME! you got this! you can do the things!

here is the world's greatest doggo to encourage you this week

I'm working on a client. I won't be a real developer if I don't start and never finish at least 3 Mastodon apps

Mastodon is like 2012 twitter again; every developer is building clients, we are making new friends, novelty accounts are being invented etc.The future seems bright and happy and full of potential.

The only difference is we are all out and so much gayer now. Mastodon is like a 2012 redo but gayer this time.

@LadyWhimsy *hugs if wanted* here is a cute cat and bunny gif to help with feels

a reminder that you are AWESOME! even when it feels like you aren't. you are so so so AWESOME!

Good Morning
You are awesome
You can do the things
You got this
Here is the worlds greatest dog gif to inspire you

maybe this place is gonna be happier and better for mental health than the hell scape that is twitter


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