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It’s been a bit. Insomnia has been lighter so my social media time has been limited.

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First CAD designed project for my 3D printer. Couldn’t find my digital calipers so I had to use a tape measure for dimensions. Took about 16 hours to print. Dimensions were off due to my errors in measurement and too little tolerances for leeway. Had to use a razor blade and pliers to remove plastic material to make it usable. This is a box that my battery charger sits on that will store batteries once charged. Was fed-up having loose batteries near the charger. Not going to reprint.

Stress out!!! Finals week, and my mom in the hospital. She was giving us a good scare, but she is getting better.


I’ve been struggling lately. I see my mother getting progressively worse as her condition continues. I’m getting a little worried that I won’t be fully vaccinated before something happens. I get my first shot next week. I hope things will stay stable for a little longer to allow time the chance to visit in the not too distant future.

One of those days where you are breaking down inside, practicing stoic face.

When someone asks you something, you tell them your preference, and they act like they don’t hear you so they get what they want.

So, I had an appointment to get a new car, and the old car’s battery decided to die the night before. Thank god for the battery tender, and the car made the trip.

I don’t like having so many new people around. Cops show up at my house investigating the newish neighborhoods, and I swear the other new neighbor is hiding from something.

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Is it weird that I started an Instagram for my cat? I sometimes think she has more fans than I do.

Well, that was certainly a long week: I’m so happy with the outcome, but await the shenanigans that might occur this next week.

My mom is scheduled for an MRI tomorrow. Her disease progression has been rapid over the last week. Hoping that there are some answers as to why the sudden change.

Yesterday was challenging. It seemed like everything was going wrong, but I got a random post card from a friend. It made my day. Then, I got a call from my Shinhan, head of my karate school, which is always special. So, thinks turned around. I did workout #1 super early this morning, and I feel today will be much better.

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