I finally started a new blog to start keeping track of more things.

Did you know Mynah Birds like peanut butter?

I don’t understand why people move to the darkest parts of hawaii only to light their houses up like spaceships. I mean some of us like to look at the stars.

The birds are trying to build a nest in my house again. I wonder what the neighbors think when I go flap my arms around to shoo the offenders away.

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Insomnia Theatre, two nights ago because I forgot:

“I need a warm room where I can do stretches. The floor is always cold here.”

“Ahhh, goddamnit, I just tried to reinvent Hot Yoga.”

No rainbows with out rain. There has been a lot of rain lately. 🥺

So, I think we might have a diagnosis. They are still waiting for a look at a few test results sent over from the other doctor. Funny, it's the diagnosis that we came up with on our own last year. Welll... *sh*t* I suppose we didn't really want to believe it at the time.

I really had no idea rats pooped so much. I mean I know they poop, but... this is just insane. Apparently, one got stuck in the car.

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Looks like I blew the curve on my first class back To school. The final average was mid-C. I got a 95%. Oops.

Sitting while procrastinating on studying for a final exam, listening to too much Joy division, drinking coffee and eating dry cereal. It’s 6pm, and my bedtime is 8pm. Dance dance dance to the radio.

I haven’t been able to run for almost 2 weeks because of a heel contusion. What kind of stupid injury is that? Fingers crossed I can run again in the next few days. I’m getting a bit itchy.

Neurologist #1: I don’t treat that disorder

Neurologist #2: I can’t see you until 2021.

Ain’t that some bullshit. We didn’t even know there was actual diagnosis. I hear the diagnosis, and it’s basically a garbage term. No shit the ANS isn’t working, but why isn’t it working. Blah! 😒

It’s been trying couple of weeks. It’s been difficult to focus.

I hate that Walmart uses David Bowie songs in their commercials. *rawr*

I have this overwhelming sense of dread today.

I have the feeling I might be a little agoraphobic by the time this is all over.

My list of companies I won’t buy from is growing while watching this latest CoVid update.

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