If you want to live in Vancouver and work on Xcode, this looks like a great position!

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Our team is hiring developers to work on Xcode - based in Vancouver! Join us: jobs.apple.com/en-us/details/2

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I’m officially a permanent resident of Canada now! 🇨🇦🎉😃

If you have any questions about moving to Canada, feel free to send me a DM 😊

And of course, the @beanthere_co@twitter.com backend is running on Vapor 3 and I’m using MapKit JS for the map on the coffee shop sharing pages. (e.g. beanthere.co/shops/3).

Bean There is now in the App Store 🎉☕️

Thanks for all the feedback so far! Keep it coming 😊


I’ve been working on a coffee shop discovery & rating app for the last couple of months ☕️
I’d appreciate any kind of feedback before submitting 1.0 sometime soon 😊


I think this week’s episode turned out pretty well.

Also, in true So Cast fashion we changed the name of the show halfway into the episode. So this is both the last episode of So Cast and the first episode of Cup of Tech 🎉

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#35: I Follow You on Twitter

Join us this week to discuss dark mode, always-on displays, Watch features, competition in tech, and analytics & privacy.


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Thanks everyone for showing up and making the first @CoreCoffeeYVR@twitter.com a great success 🎉
I’m looking forward to the next one already.

There was also a @So_cast@twitter.com cameo in the talk 👌

Gosh, I’m happy we didn’t move to Toronto. I’m freezing here some days… ❄️

This week we somehow ended up trying to predict Apple’s entire product and event lineup for 2019 😅

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#30: Sounds Like a March Event

Zach returns after hanging out with wallabies for a bit to discuss AirPower, Apple in 2019, and cultural attitudes towards privacy in Europe, North America, and Australia.


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I don’t mind the new Slack icon. Seems like they wanted a more corporate look before going public 🤷‍♂️

But… “app button” 😱

It’s great to see Germany continuing to be a privacy stronghold in the world. Sometimes they might go too far (see Google street view) but it’s great to have someone challenge tech scene’s privacy stance!


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