Gosh, I’m happy we didn’t move to Toronto. I’m freezing here some days… ❄️

This week we somehow ended up trying to predict Apple’s entire product and event lineup for 2019 😅

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#30: Sounds Like a March Event

Zach returns after hanging out with wallabies for a bit to discuss AirPower, Apple in 2019, and cultural attitudes towards privacy in Europe, North America, and Australia.


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I don’t mind the new Slack icon. Seems like they wanted a more corporate look before going public 🤷‍♂️

But… “app button” 😱

It’s great to see Germany continuing to be a privacy stronghold in the world. Sometimes they might go too far (see Google street view) but it’s great to have someone challenge tech scene’s privacy stance!


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#29: We Are Living in Strange Times

This week Zach is on a mission and Malin and Kai talk about CES, Apple's earnings revision, doing meaningful work, and the future.


Canadian permanent residency application submitted 🎉🇨🇦

Still not used to the mixed metric/imperial unit usage here. I needed 1m… 😆

Mhm, premium Aeropress filters might be the coffee snobbiest thing I’ve done so far…

They are really good though!

We finished our recording just in time this week. It started raining right after we stopped and Zach’s internet cut out 😆

I really enjoy using Vapor 3. Swift web frameworks came long way in the last few years. 👍

This week we spent over half an hour talking about Australia’s stupid new “Assistance and Access Bill”, why it matters, and why we need to condemn this kind of bs. Also some more light hearted topics before and after 😊

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App review prompts, Canadian Internet, Kai got a new mouse, and the Apple Watch can finally take ECG readings.

Our main topics are Australia's Assistance and Access Bill, and what makes a good meetup community.


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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is so good. This weekend will be fun! 😄

I really enjoyed this weeks episode! Some whining in the beginning 😛 and then we talk about our entire podcast workflow including all the hardware & software involved and the reason why we picked them.

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Attention while listening to podcasts, speaking English with an accent, family plan pricing and subscriptions.

Our main topic is our podcasting setup. The tools we use -- hardware, software, and everything in between!


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If you care about video games, the game awards are a great celebration of the art form! They are live now 🎉: youtu.be/SHt3FyE-VIQ

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