Woohoo! We’re getting a lot of App Store love today! We’re featured in “Apps”, “Productivity” & “Business” 🎉

That was a fun one! Thanks again @viditb@twitter.com for joining us.

Apart from the great discussions about development and design, I also learned a lot about the Indian Premier League 😄

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In case you missed it, last week we had @viditb@twitter.com on the show, we had a great time chatting about @lookup_ios@twitter.com! 👀📱😃

You can check it out here: cupof.tech/episode/6bdf12f81d9

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I'm looking forward to the iPhone 12 mini. Looks like we're finally back to iPhones that fit into hands! 🎉

And Orbit looks sharp on it too! 😎

It's been one week since we've released Orbit for iOS 1.0.

Quick recap:
Since, we've release 5 updates with neat improvements (3 on iOS & 2 on macOS) 🤯

We've had over 500 people trying out Orbit and the initial feedback from users has been very positive 🎉

Gotta listen quickly, only 10 hours 39 minutes left until the 😄

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Episode 116 is out! 🎉

Apple is holding another special event, so as per our usual tradition, @KabukiVision@twitter.com joins us for another one of our special, Apple Event prediction episodes 📱📱📱📱


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We’re in “This Week’s Favourites” on the 🇨🇦 App Store! 😍

Orbit for iOS is now available on the App Store 🎉🚀

I'd love for y'all to check it out and send any feedback my way 😃


Apple has approved Orbit 1.0 for iOS 🎉

We’re go for launch on Monday! 🚀

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Our latest Indie Special episode is out! 🥳

This week, we’re excited to chat with @joshdholtz@twitter.com about @FastlaneTools@twitter.com & open source. We also talk about splitting time across side projects, @IndieDevMonday@twitter.com, indie development, widgets, and much more! 💻❤️


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When you’re too tired to make coffee 🤦‍♂️😴

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Our latest Indie Special episode is out! 🎉

We’re really excited to have @qzervaas@twitter.com on the show to chat about @TheStreaksApp@twitter.com! We also talk about splitting time between different apps, building for tv, and, of course, the Exposure Notification framework!


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Love the promo video!

Congrats! 🎉🚀

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Dark Noise 2.1 for iOS 14 is finally in the store! 🥳🚀🙌

Had to make a *few* modifications to my fancy promo video plans this time thanks to our new time constraints and having kids at home… but you probably won’t notice 😉

*Sound on*

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If I'm lucky, this expands before iOS 14 is available 😅

We've made a lot of progress this weekend! 🚀

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@stroughtonsmith@twitter.com I've been working on an iOS and iPadOS version of @timeinorbit@twitter.com together with @airkai@twitter.com.

Still got some way to go, but we're getting there 😃🚀

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The latest Indie Special episode is out! 🥳

This week we’re excited to have @mufasaYC@twitter.com join us to chat about Tasks, time management, indie development, and conferences on remote islands 🏝


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Progress! It's a lot easier than I thought to make our SwiftUI views work across macOS and iOS (so far) 🎉

Orbit 1.5 is out 🎉

Building Crew Plans was a lot of fun. It took us about 4 days to build the core feature, and about 3 weeks to make all the downgrade flows work nicely 😅

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Today, we’re really excited to release the biggest update to Orbit since the initial launch! 🥳

This time, we’ve added Crew Plans to make it easy for a team to share projects, track time, and invoice for their time, together! 🎉


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