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At least everyone agreed that the bill was rushed before passing it with bipartisan support 🤦‍♂️

Ugh… Australia actually passed that nonsensical encryption backdoor law 🤦‍♂️ Episode 279 of how to force the tech industry to leave your country.

We tried to keep the podcast recording under 2h this week…

If you don’t have a cloud backup already, today is a great day to start (or to add another one). Arq is currently 50% off.

Arq Backup allows you to backup to other cloud storage providers and Arq Cloud Backup comes with (1TB) cloud storage.

I’ve been testing different cloud backup services this month…

If you are a BC resident, this is the week to send your proportional representation ballot! If still unsure, this gives you a good overview: (all of his other videos are great too; watch them after you’ve sent your ballot 😉).

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#11: Aluminium

How do you pronounce aluminium? Only Jony Ive knows.

We discuss the upcoming September Apple Event, and we're all way too excited about the Apple Watch Series 4.

I’m very exited for the Apple a Special Event. First time I’m in the same timezone 😃

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If you’re an aussie designer I don’t know, please say hi. Friends often ask for recommendations, so I might be able to help you get a job.

I’m happy to chat to anyone, but I get asked about positions in Australian companies far more often than companies elsewhere.

I'm incredibly impressed with how easy it is to deal with government services in Canada so far.

Clearing immigration (including getting my work permit): 30min
Getting my Social Insurance Number: 15min
Getting customs clearance my belongings I shipped from Australia to Canada: 2min

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Extremely sorry about the downtime. Scaling up to multiple machines has revealed a peculiar issue with a scheduled process that's supposed to run every night... once. It was run on every machine instead, putting the database in a deadlock state.

We're back now and I'm going to add a fix before next night 😩

That was quite the recording. This should be a fun one 😀

The September iPhone event should be an interesting stress test :)

I really enjoy seeing some of the conversations on here. Feels a lot lot the early days of Twitter.

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