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Having one half of each shin sunburned is a sexy look for summer right

When we dismantle the settle colonies in North America we should name the new communist state the USSR just to troll

The FB algorithm is showing me a video "You May Like" of Ronald Reagan telling fucking stand-up jokes about the Soviet Union. Swing and a miss.

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our cities are relics of the dead, like carapaces left by ancient insects. our institutions flail and shamble from one crisis to another. our infrastructure both gleams and rots, depending on who it serves. every act seems public and performative. every thought feels like a commodity that can only be stolen. the public record includes so much data that we can resurrect the dead as digital simulacra. plenty abounds while scarcity persists.

it's a weird future.

Trudeau literally just went inside the tipi on Parliament Hill for a photo op while the organizers were asleep without consulting them at all first. We gotta get this guy tf outta here.

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Jay-Z is out here romanticizing abuse and capital accumulation but this is me right now

RE: the indigenous activists that I posted about who are reoccupying Parliament Hill in Canada. They will be staying for 4 days and are in need of supplies. They have a page set up for donations here if you're interested/able to help:

I feel like life is trying to annoy me to death this week

My old work that laid off my whole team in October phoned and offered me another job today. It would probably pay more than my new gig and be a longer contract and better commute, but not sure I'm down to deal with the fuckery again.

The sunlight made my beard white so I look like I'm graying but I kinda dig it

Did anyone used to play Webkinz back in the day?

I showed my wife this app over the weekend. She saw my avi and asked who took this picture of me lol

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I don't trust people who idolize Barack Obama.

Fuck the neoliberal popculture politics that elevates politicians like Justin Trudeau and Obama because they're charismatic and good looking.

Right past their professionally fitted suits is fucking western imperialism in the form of arms deals in the middle east that directly arm terrorists.

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