"On Nichelings" - worldbuilding notes for my interpretation of the world featured in the game - I live for this stuff.


Vaguely wondering if the Ilford Road to South Gosforth section of the metro could be used to pull off the "get off the train, run to the next stop, then rejoin the train" trick. Maybe if you cycled?

Nobody ever tells me this, so I gotta tell myself!

(it's good for you!)

disclaimer for this file and everything I have made for - please do feel free to look at the code, learn from it, modify it, improve on it, send to your friends, whatever you like, just give me credit. share and enjoy, kids.

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Ready to download! Evolving Houndour --> Houndoom, including a 1/20 chance of finding a shiny! My first ever evolving breedfile. lilaclynx.neocities.org/petz/b


loving this mix of mynoise's Black Hole, feels like gently being pulled into oblivion (in a good way, I mean) - maybe better for late night deep introspection than quarter to ten in the morning just before going out, though.

now presenting... Magic Levitating SCP Edited Mice for - if only I knew what I was doing beyond "I think I found an animation pointer, guys!"

Yeah I think this thing is just going to be "All the Junk I Made, And Also Cat Photos." I'm not complaining. There are worse things to do with an account!

adventuresinsbw, a Weird Thing in which I use a 1992 children's writing program to tell some story about a cat in a pixellated world. Or: proof I really do have too many things going on. sbw.neocities.org/

Finished up Chapter 17 of Snowtouched. Snowtouched is a novel length (well it is now!) fic for the biology game Niche, with a lot of worldbuilding on top. I don't know if anyone else is into this game but I have a thing for biology sandboxes if you hadn't noticed.


MOAR STAN. If you need even more of this cat in your life (and who doesn't?) then I have a curated page of his bandanas. Because that's what the internet is for, kids. lilaclynx.neocities.org/standa

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