I'll be speaking & holding a workshop at @advbitcoin@twitter.com in London, February 7-8. Theme is "security in bitcoin dev", and workshop will be about making a tiny (layer 1) payment processor in node.js (sorry if you hate node).

⑥ Bonus: once your issue has been resolved, be an awesome fellow and update the documentation so that the next "you" can be enlightened in the particular way that you would have needed. Pay it forward, so to say.

--to troubleshooting your problem.

"the docs suck! nothing works!" will usually not motivate anyone to spend time for your sake.

"I am trying to get <X> to do <Y> but it is freezing up|throwing <ERROR>; I tried <APPROACH1-3> but no luck. Any ideas?", however, often will.

⑤ Prove that you've spent time on the problem.

You can do this by, for instance, pinpointing the error you are seeing as precisely as possible (anyone can do this by trial and error, but it may be time consuming).

Critically, relay the information you think is most critical--

④ Only ask a question that Google top results won't tell you.

Just Google it. Check the first page worth of results. Try different criteria. I know it's a pain in the ass, but signs of laziness often result in being shunned. If you won't take the time, why the fuck should they?

③ Never ask if someone *knows* about <X>.

The question, like the one in ②, is needlessly disqualifying people who may very well be able to help you with your issues. Whether someone knows <X> vs whether they can help you are distinct to a surprising degree.

② Never ask if someone has done <X>.

It is highly unusual that nobody in the entire world has done <X>, and it is not a qualifier for whether someone can help you with your issues. You'll get a grumpy "no, you're the first person in the universe" back...

① Never ask someone if you may ask them a question.

Chances are they won't know if your question is acceptable until you ask it. It's a waste of your and their time. Just ask the question instead.

Pro tip spree on the fascinating and deceptively complex task of asking someone (knowledgeable) for help on an issue/error/problem of yours:

People are natural problem solvers. You can take advantage of this by making the right preparations and asking the right questions.

PSA: The number of transactions in the network has NOTHING TO DO with hashpower. You can process a billion transactions per second with 1 hash/second on a low enough difficulty chain.

Congratulations America, this is your president. 🇺🇸
RT @realDonaldTrump@twitter.com Brutal and Extended Cold Blast could shatter ALL RECORDS - Whatever happened to Global Warming?

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Very cool to see people using btcdeb as a teaching tool. This is exactly what I envisioned when I wrote it!
RT @physic@twitter.com @RussHarben@twitter.com @kallewoof@twitter.com Thanks for sharing Russ. Here's a link to the slides docs.google.com/presentation/d

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Hey @tdryja@twitter.com I just passed “関内(かんない)”. Surprisingly the announcer didn’t know what station it was...!

.@RakutenJP@twitter.com 懐かしいこと言うね。2005年くらいlinuxしか使っていなかった自分が苦労したな〜って思い出す。

Hey @jimmysong@twitter.com would it be of interest to do a Japanese translation of your book? My team seems to be excited about the idea.

Shill accounts so obvious I am pretty certain they're actually paid by people wanting to paint a picture of Bitfinex paying shills.

Thanks to the people who helped test the signet network. I'm shutting it down for now to fix a bunch of things, and will start up a new one later on. Feedback was very helpful.

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Homebrew, the popular Mac OS X package manager, is now running a bug bounty program on BountyGraph! bountygraph.com/programs/homeb

On why you need the pubkey inside the commitment in Schnorr signatures. Questions/corrections welcome.
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