I made a pull request to update BIP-322 to remove ProveFunds (it dillutes the proposal unnecessarily) and to tweak the serialization format (remove message, add locktime/sequence). Docs at github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/d and PR itself at github.com/bitcoin/bips/pull/8

Feedback welcome!

BIP-322 pull request is now up at github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pul

Feedback welcome as always. (Note that this PR only partially implements BIP-322; it does not include the ProveFunds component.)

BIP 322 tentative implementation demonstrating that a signmessage verifies (1), and does not verify (0) for a different message / address, or invalid signature.

Still needs work, but the basics are in place.

Speechless. World is grayer. You will be missed.

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With immense grief, we announce Geoff’s unexpected passing due to sudden illness Saturday. We ask privacy as his family works to understand what happened and make arrangements. To honor Geoff or offer comfort to his family, we suggest donations to @SoCalBulldog@twitter.com, which he loved.

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There is a repository of Signet related docker stuff at


It currently has a full node (based on my signet branch to bitcoin core), a faucet, and an explorer (based on esplora).

You can build yourself using docker, or just fetch from docker hub.

How does this affect the price of Zcash itself? It could go either way, to be honest. I guess traders love this kind of stuff.

Anyone with a significant amount of Zcash must feel a bit icky though. We're probably lucky Satoshi went the route he did.

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A country can just print more money, so having to pay someone any amount in a lawsuit is honestly not that big of a deal.

I don't think the Zcash people have a print-more-money button but I could be wrong.

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It is interesting to think about what the consequences are of having an "official" body governing a currency, and that body gets sued. No I am not talking about countries, but companies.


We should embrace 土 as the symbol for sats! (土曜日 means Saturday)

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Happy sat-urday from satnode.space 0bin.net/paste/EQODtVhG52K2oSI

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Seriously @rogerkver@twitter.com using a dead person to pump BCH. How fucking low can you go. Shame on you. :(

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This is amazingly insulting.

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Just when you thought the desperate marketing couldn't get any more disgusting. 🤢🤢🤮

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Tentative PR in place for c-lightning to add signet support, blocked by previously mentioned PR to core: github.com/ElementsProject/lig

Signet pull request to Bitcoin Core, currently in "needs conceptual review" stage:


Per-app volume setting. Amazing concept. No more exploding ear drums cause you clicked on that mumbling vid clip which forced you to crank vol to max which stays when the clip ends and music player kicks back in with a human rights violating roar. Apple please do this now.

There is now a dockerfile for signet. If you wanted to check it out, but compiling sounded like a chore, this is for you!

docker run kallewoof/signet:0.18

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