You could borrow all of that for 2 days. You'd then pay a whopping 81216 satoshi in interest. 2,256 bitcoin for 48 hours @ 81216 satoshi. Pretty amusing, actually.

People are so bullish on right now (too early, I think, but hey) that nobody wants to short bitcoin, even if you can borrow it essentially for free on Bitfinex. Someone is offering 2.2k btc up for 2 days at 0.000018%/day.

(Disclaimer: I don't know if different android phones behave differently. Maybe different photos apps have different features.)

(Note: she backed the files up to a RAID-ed device. She thought. Turns out she failed to copy the files over correctly, so... bye precious photos.)

TIL if you delete a photo on an android phone, it's sorta just gone forever, no garbage bin feature at all. The iPhone has a 30 day "recently deleted" folder (you can delete from it to perma-remove whenever you want). Sucks that my SO just lost some old photos of hers.

Re-reading this, I realize it's easy to misunderstand what is being said: the filter I mention at the top is NOT merged yet. The merged commit makes it easier to write that code. That code is proposed here:

This is actually the second part of a two-part fix, where the first one is the "destination groups" feature, which was merged in July last year (

The way to address this is to enable a feature that tracks, and by default ignores any UTXOs that went to addresses you already used once in the past. So in this case, your wallet would never use A and B UTXO:s in payments, unless you told it to.

He can find out more about you by sending insignificant amounts to A and B, which he knows are yours.

Next time your wallet pays someone, chances are it will use these new inputs. So your wallet now picks B and C to pay your rent.

Joe now knows you also owned C.

From a privacy perspective, this is useful because of the following scenario:

- Joe pays you in bitcoin, sending to address A.
- You use UTXO:s for address A and B to pay for groceries.

Joe now knows you also owned address B.

Small refactoring of the handling of filtered credit/debit balances. This makes it a lot easier to add a filter for "used addresses", which lets you optionally increase your privacy by having your wallet by default ignore UTXOs that were sent to an address you already used once.


Merged PR from kallewoof: wallet: add cachable amounts for caching credit/debit values


Japanese bank Resona pulls out of Ripple App project. Wise decision, tbh.

There will be a lot more of this in the coming future, I predict. (Even if only judging from that article.) A bit disappointing to see gush over Ripple in their latest email. ("閫卞垔銉撱儍銉堛儛銉炽偗 Vol.5銆屻儶銉冦儣銉(XRP)銇ㄣ伅 銆"渚″ゃ伄銈ゃ兂銈裤兗銉嶃儍銉"銈掔洰鎸囥仚銆溿")

浠 [閮ㄩ] 9 [鏁欒偛] 4 [鐢绘暟] 5 [闊砞 銉偆 [鍚峕 銇倞 銈娿倗銇 銈 [鑻盷 orders; ancient laws; command; decree


Reiwa (浠ゅ拰)


In a few hours the name of the next era in Japan will be announced. (The era begins May 1st, in a month, but name is announced beforehand.)


Live broadcast here:


In a few hours the name of the next era in Japan will be announced. (The era begins May 1st, in a month, but name is announced beforehand.)


I learned today that the first year is called 鍏冨勾 (gan-nen), and people actually write that as the "birth year" rather than writing "year 1". So this year will be the last year (31) of 骞虫垚 (heisei) Jan 1 - Apr 30, then the 鍏冨勾 of the new era May 1-Dec 31. Then year 2, 3, ...

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