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Hello! I am Colin, better known as kalonZombie. My hobbies include streaming and pen and paper RPGs, sometimes both at the same time. You can catch my streams at

and listen to my podcast at

If it helps to remind you, you can subscribe to my podcast using Google, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or the ever so reliable RSS feed.

I recited the lyrics to pumpkin Hill and @zac is very confused

Well about to go fight Manus, but first I got a ding dang doggie to save!!!

Update: So many boss souls have been used to make weapons, it's very silly by now.

I'm not even using any of them, I've got Great Demon Machetes I've ascended into chaos and lightning, and a magic zweihander.

Time to dupe souls while I listen to TAZ for the next two hours or something.

Whoops need 25 faith to join a covenant in Dark Souls and now that I'm like level 120 I'm just now discovering my faith is


Dark Souls is good and fun but platinuming it is gonna take some time.

On the plus side I can go ahead and kill Gwyndolin now that I've joined their covenant for the trophy.

DS9 was a good show when they weren't stopping all momentum dead in it's tracks to try and have a comedy episode with Qwark and the other Ferengi.

Holy shit just... skip every single Ferengi episode.

I've made Smough's hammer. I could use Smough's hammer with two hands, which is how I use weapons exclusively, but I have no idea if it would actually do more damage than my Chaos Demon Greatsword or not.

<Magnus> How much is Taako's stuff worth?
<Taako> What stuff?
<Magnus> The stuff clinking around in your bag.
<Taako> ... ... That's my C-PAP machine.

Japan is over 100 years old and has over 1000 people.

before i decide to buy something i demand first to watch an "unboxing video" of it. i must see three men take it out of a box to look at it. i want to know this is possible.

No seriously he and Frampt conspired together to work out a plan to trick the Chosen Undead into keeping the Age of Fire going. They basically let shit get as bad as it does to go "SEE? THIS IS WHAT AN AGE OF DARK IS LIKE".

At least Kaathe has the decency to be shady as fuck to your face.

Am not sad I have to kill Gwyndolen again though, bastard is legit the reason shit is so fucked.

It makes me sad I have to kill Priscilla again but a boss weapon is a boss weapon. I guess I can do that when I get home.

This means no Audible books, no watching Twitch, no using Goodreads, IMDB, Wholefoods, or Box Office Mojo too. Amazon owns a lot and literally all their workers want are improved working conditions.

Hey, a reminder that unless you need Amazon to live (because that is unfortunately the situation sometimes), please do not participate in Amazon Prime Day. The workers are striking. Please show solidarity with them unless you absolutely can't.

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