i don't actually think there'll be any mass exodus fram twitter or that musk will substantially change anything in the short term, i just think mastodon is neat & held back only by the lack of users

content you won't see on twitter: 🅱️artial differential equations.

Lol at my mormon mother posting 4chan screenshots on facebook

be: be a prison abolishonist

also me: people who stand on escalators should be imprisoned

Look at these cute chickens I saw the other day 💛🐔

I guess if I'm deleting my facebook and telling people to use mastodon, I should dust off my mastodon account.

twitter is down, guess i should remember my mastodon account

@kameryn But I will still feel free to complain here that the Dems aren't communist enough.

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Thank you duckduckgo, very helpful. Great search engine.

Inspired by that shitty daily dot article* dumping on mastodon for not talking enough about hamberders, I hereby pledge to net talk about Trump on my mastodon any more, leaving that entirely for my twitter.

* dailydot.com/debug/mastodon-fe

Me: try to renew my ASL membership

My bank: 🚨 attempted possible fraud alert 🚨

I'm glad my bank recognizes the racket thas is academic organizations hitting up untenured faculty with little job security for money.

It's after Christmas. Why are Christmas decorations still up?

That feeling when you get home and remember you bought all the pieces to make grilled cheese.

Dear woman wearing a cross while complaining about how someone in a wheelchair boarding the bus means you have to wait for the ramp to go down: burn in hell.

Exciting to sit down with a draft of a paper you haven't touched in months and get one paragraph in before being dingusted with your past self's writing.

@kameryn Seriously, one of my favorite things about contemporary meme culture is how we've advanced beyond needing to actually make memes.

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