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Sometimes I wonder if substituting the word "empathy" for "politically correct" would make the conversation easier.

It's bad to be TOO empathetic, and it's bad to NOT be empathetic. Balance.

Half of toots on my timeline are people telling strangers what to do.

This doesn't seem effective.

Now let me tell you what to do to fix this. 😂

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Few years ago I have deleted half of the production by mistake and got on a plane ✈️

Share your . Retoot for reach ;)

I'm having a little dashboard envy... seeing all these rad service dashboards entice me to make my own...

... only to remind myself that I'll probably wake up passed out on the office floor, a can of red bull still in my hand looking at my new cluster of Hadoop instances that are obviously necessary to process those 20 events an hour.

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Since this has come up twice this morning already… the single biggest improvement in my mental well being has been internalizing "you're not required to have an opinion/response to everything".

Lots of stuff isn't in my lane. Lots of stuff I don't have the expertise. It's fine.

“You could have a million ideas, but they're all worthless if you don't get them done.” - Lauren Amarante


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