wish I had a couple more ppl to follow here to have a small nook with my friends

it's time for my once every 2 years return

computer icon design peaked in late 90s - early 00s

"What is the "E" for? "Embedded?" Could be. How about "Effective," "Elegant," or just "Easy"?"

how about extremely fucking awful?

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someone was having a rly bad day when they came up with that

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some ideas like EJS should've never been even conceived

are you telling me there's free software out there with a K in the name that isn't developed by KDE???

why do ppl still release games with steam drm? it's completely useless and only works as an annoyance to everyone else

looking for a place with a covered balcony so I can put my computer in there and enjoy -15C air cooling

I kinda wanna make a custom slot racing track and I don't rly know why

was planning to go out and get a raspberry pi but I didn't, guess I'll have to do it tomorrow

I don't even know if there's a difference between the two accounts but they exist bc reasons

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