So if there are more crows than humans in India does that make it Crow country?

India A "Hindu Rashtra", Says BJP's Ravi Kishan In Citizenship Bill Row

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The Gujarati Bullet train project that the new Maharashtra Govt is reviewing is filled with corruption where those who donated to BJP got plum contracts.

Impeachment hearings are on, and the Republicans are doing their best to screw it up. Now I understand why they’ve stuck together like they’ve been FeviQuicked—many were complicit.

CAB is discriminatory. Goes against the constitution. You do not choose religion when it comes to refugees. Sanghis are welcome to include shitty discrimination when they work on the constitution in their weird new country Kailasa, not in India.

Why do folks think of comparing India only with Pakistan, and not with countries with a long history of being a democracy?

I was really expecting & looking forward to Anjana Om Modi's tv show on how Modiji implanting micro chips in onions to track and punish hoarders.


I so wanted to do a twitter poll between onion chips and potato chips!

After all the jokes one must ask how the rape accused Nityananda is able to flee with impunity while Kashmiri politicians who are accused of no crime have been locked up for over four months

Former RSS ideologue Govindacharya files an Application in SC seeking live streaming of hearing by the Constitution Bench in the matters related to and abrogation of .

Senior Advocate Vikas Singh is to mention it tomorrow for early listing

Singapore’s Changi airport - where the baggage is polite, has manners

A few important points that @sanjayuvacha raised:
1.) They (The Supreme Court Bench) arrived on the conclusion first, and then they complied the reasons together then.

2.) This case isn't just about the particular land, it also represented the Muslim Community's right for a shared citizenship.


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A man from Pradesh lies before MoD Rajnath Singh's car. The reason? He wanted to meet PM Modi as he wanted to get his name in the Aadhaar card changed.
What does and have to say about this?

Makes you wonder how painful the process is...

This is how an Indian man reacts to a woman who was gang raped, murdered and burnt

You can acknowledge Indian sovereignty over Indian J&K and still demand India not indefinitely hold up the rights of 7.5M Indian citizens "because of 250 terrorists (by its own admission.")

Holding up the full rights of the Valley because of 250 terrorists obliges GOI to not let that number replenish. Unless you want an endless manageable insurgency so the Valley can be in an eternal state of suppression for being 97% Muslim.

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The Home Minister allegedly used state intelligence agencies in Gujarat to snoop on a young girl on behalf of “saheb”.

You’re appealing to HIM to take steps towards ensuring safety of women in India?

1984, awful as it was, produced no ideology in which the state decades later was systematically persecuting a single group. There are no Congress leaders in 2019 calling the Sikhs termites.

Rajeev Dhawan says the SC bench was “very, very hostile”.

The BJP has become the perfect stick to beat its supporters with!

No other party in history has ever managed to screw something up each day for the past 5 and a half years!

Your own taxpaying money used to declare you a non citizen - masterstroke

The gov's claims of 'normalcy' in Kashmir take a hit when the state of the educational institutions in Valley is reviewed. Classrooms that were once populated by students are now serving as a shelter for hundreds of the paramilitary troopers, who were stationed in Kashmir following the abrogation of Article 370 on 5 August.

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