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The intent of CAA-NRC is intimidatory. While Muslims are threatened with withdrawal of citizenship, other communities will need to prove their citizenship.

Instead of being Indian Citizens, all of us will be subjects of Modi Govt

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To my #OpenSource friends in India, if you support the current fascist regime in power and CAA/NRC and try to justify all of the attacks on Muslim citizens of India, be prepared to be called out as a #Nazi in the next conference we meet.

Another WA forward from my Sanghi Masi,saying that the the ISI is trying to create a place called Mughalistan (ha ha, seriously) and get the North East to break away from India. Are the BJP’s WA univ/IT cell content writers on LSD? What gets me is how people believe crap.

All racist a-holes will be removed from the platform. I don't want that shit here. Never.

Flight attendant: Is there a doctor on board?

Homeopath: <starts to raise hand>

Homeopath's Dad: STFU

If you think a single person is just too small to make a difference, you should read up on Jadav Payeng, the "Forest Man of India".

When he was 16 he started planting trees on a deforested sandbar. He made it a habit of planting at least one tree every single day - over the course of the last four decades.

His forest now encompasses an area of about 1,360 acres / 550 hectares and is home to not only over one hundred elephants, but also monkeys, tigers and deer.

Be the change you desire!

what happens when you have no thoughts and you've reached total presentness and you find out in that resounding silence that the acoustics of your brainspace are tuned weird

Let Sanghi Hunting season begin in Maharashtra now...

Deep inside my being I can feel it, rumbling inside my soul. I dont just like the Telequino egg, I don't just merely love the Telequino egg, I AM the Telequino egg. I rapidly ascend into the skies, the clouds part away and Telequino egg smiles at me from the skies.

Reading all the pious bullshit from political leaders today, about the glories of the , is almost more disgusting than watching them stab it in the guts every other day.

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Congress President Sonia Gandhi leads the protest against murder of democracy by the BJP, reads out the Preamble to the .

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