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doctor, doctor gimme the news, I've got a bad case of piss on shoes🎢

whomst has tried the A&W Beyond Meat burger? Show your damned selves.


ok I'm going to try this joke over here instead:

why my teakettle look like Hitler?

Milennials do not read this. Boob lovers: 

@karengeier So I read this book a while back - which seems to be a legitimate case of a child abuse ring in Omaha NE, but also much wilder allegations of conspiracy (on far shakier ground) involving satanism, high up politicans in a 1980s pizzagate style scandal.

Not so much about the hysteria but it touches on that same 1980s focus on satanism

@karengeier I played DnD back when it was part of the Panic. Here's a 60 Minutes piece from back then:

@karengeier David Frankfurter, an excellent scholar of the ancient Hellenistic and Egyptian worlds, did a great study of this pattern--early Christians were accused of very much the same kind of "ritual abuse" that you see 19th-century Catholics, 1980s daycare workers, and (!!) John Podesta accused of

@karengeier if i can find that one particular police training video on satanism that i love i'll send it your way, it's on youtube somewhere

@karengeier I'm excited to see what you come up with!! Michelle Remembers and Satan's Underground are my favorite discredited SRA memoirs, and Gary Cartwright's article about daycare owners convicted of abuse is incredible:

I'm researching Satanic Panic and the 1980s hysteria over "Satanic Ritual Abuse" and if you have book/film/etc recommendations, please post them here!

Thank youuuuuuu Here's a pic of my dog

DMs are open (I assume? I actually don't know how they work on here)

were you Gay Hooters on the bird site? Why did you get suspended? Please help me solve this mystery or they won't release my children from prison

thanks to everyone who is really given'r on the names, including the instance names on here

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