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Article 370 gone and Ram Temple on the way: What does Modi’s New India look like?

‘I need to take the day off because I can’t stop reading a book’ is a legit reason to skip work, right?

Did he just compare what happened in Ayodhya to Berlin Wall falling?

features unsigned note on further evidence for Ram’s birthplace

A judge recorded separate reasons on whether the disputed structure is the birthplace of the deity as Hindu devotees believe.


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#HardTimes - In this new series, we hope to shed light on what has brought the Indian economy to a standstill.

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#HardTimes: An accountancy clerk in Mumbai has not received his salary in two months

“We now spend at least Rs 500 a week on vegetables, which is almost double the amount they cost six or seven months ago."

Please tell me Goswami will be dressed as a god tomorrow! please please!

I ask for so little

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