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at korean bbq tonite, friend told me how she's running thru more bloodborne postgame stuff after beating it & how its in her "all time top ten" -- which led to an impromptu list making

so here is her top ten (twenty-two-ish), decided over marinated kalbi

i've spent the last couple of nights attempting that "no screens one hour before bed" thing, but as it turns out, the best way for me to fall asleep is with a laptop resting on me so, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

thats 2016, which means it has been over two years since i even booted up "Wii Mode" on my wii u

so many unfinished games on this thing

i dreamt a restaurant we were at for a going away party would end their meal with a short film about the futility of late capitalism starring my little pony friendship is magic

(apologies for assuming that everyone's desperate thirstiness for gex was insincere)

i wondered if the "siri, send toot" existed on mastodon and briefly thought "no, this community is too inclusive for shitposting" before i remembered that y'all spent like six months on how much you wanna fuck gex

we did another play through of Hidden Agenda tonight and got a better ending, but that game is still hot garbage and the writing is atrocious.

boy oh boy should I be in bed

i accidentally put my wallet through the washing machine a month ago and I guess a new one isn't going to magically appear unless I order it, huh

i woke up earlier and probably should have started my day then, but i was too tired and apparently needed to have more dreams about making shrimp curry for coworkers that goes uneaten