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being a hypochondriac is expensive

why isn't the ori sequel called mori

Gonna spruce up my resume with some ideas from the wikipedia entry for Stardust the Super Wizard

*plays live chat mission in Yakuza 6*
Why are they even making a new Leisure Suit Larry game

remarkably good questions of letterboxd

the fuckin sears catalog of seared animal over here

current mood: pawing at as the LINE group chat tries to decide which tier of meat we get this friday

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whenever i think about this, the idea of trying to unpack it just seems too daunting
(discussing the Christine Love visual novel Analogue: A Hate Story)

birdside showing favs on the timeline and the fact that my mom follows me means i can’t even fav this

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more actually available (as of this posting) domains for your own private instance:

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My Met Gala knock off zip tie halo. Super easy to make, like less than 5 minutes of sliding zip tying and then giving it a spray down with semi-matte spray paint. I was going to add flowers, but they were the wrong scale and those might look better as a second layered headband. Also, if I was going to try this again, I'd try to get shorter zip ties because these long ones are maybe a bit too long.

Bonus: My photo app glitching between camera and gallery into an overlap I had to screenshot.

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Elon Musk and Grimes arrive at the Met Gala:

it's 2am and i haven't been able to sleep more than five hours since sunday so i'm getting a little emotional at the three-paragraph section of Gary Coleman's wikipedia page about his enthusiasm for model railroads.

*whispers into microphone* heckitaph

in the eternal chase for things from youth, sometimes i tell myself that the thing i need to cure my insomnia is just a copy of the ad&d 2nd edition players handbook because it used to put me to sleep all the time but i know if i bought one now i’d just end up spending too much money to finally learn a lot more about proficiencies

The very first time I had ever heard about HDTV was in an issue of 3-2-1 Contact Magazine from around 1990.

After the line-by-line BASIC program you could copy into your computer, on the very last page of the magazine, was an article about this new technology and how amazing the picture was.

It supplemented the article with a photograph of First Lady Barbara Bush, meant to illustrate how so many lines of resolution could increase the clarity of television to such a lifelike degree.