can't believe i sang a song on the dang internet

been spending a lot of time lately in my head working overtime to make sure i’m never not sad, and i wish i wasn’t this way

bein' social, bein' a good person (-) 

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“what if, in the face of a invitation to openness and intimacy, you instead cowered like a child until someone who cares about you has no choice but to give up”

gosh brain, that sounds like a move only a cowardly shit would make

“lol you’re right”

“what if, instead of actually talking to your friends and enjoying their company, and possibly even letting them enjoy yours, you instead lurked online forever, never engaging with them beyond an errant fave”

well brain that sounds like a fucking waking nightmare of a time

“mm, guess what”

i only saw being john malkovich once, years and years ago, and i didnt really care for it, but i think some part of my subconscious took a polaroid of john cusack’s character’s fate and has had it on a mood board for the past twenty years

sure i could have fallen asleep hours ago but then i would have missed out on being sad

not great times 

realizing that my underwear has been on backwards since i woke up, so yeah, maybe today is opposite day

that moment when you realize that you forgot to being the wastebasket back into the bedroom a d you’ve been hookshotting your snotty kleenex into your slipper instead

i spent half the day trying not to imagine arguments with loved ones in my head, only to start again thirty seconds later. just a normal day walking around every half minute muttering "stop it, stop it, stop it."

going to chicago in two weeks with a friend and compiled a list of possible things to do, with bullet points

everything's better with bullet points

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