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in the eternal chase for things from youth, sometimes i tell myself that the thing i need to cure my insomnia is just a copy of the ad&d 2nd edition players handbook because it used to put me to sleep all the time but i know if i bought one now i’d just end up spending too much money to finally learn a lot more about proficiencies

The very first time I had ever heard about HDTV was in an issue of 3-2-1 Contact Magazine from around 1990.

After the line-by-line BASIC program you could copy into your computer, on the very last page of the magazine, was an article about this new technology and how amazing the picture was.

It supplemented the article with a photograph of First Lady Barbara Bush, meant to illustrate how so many lines of resolution could increase the clarity of television to such a lifelike degree.

this fried rice has chicken at 1 parts-per-million, peas & corn at 90,000

if you’re wondering how hard it was for me to get up this morning, i woke up from a dream in which i was sleeping

i had to keep myself from going back to bed where i could go back to bed

i went to go take another crack at an omelette (little joke there) and five of the seven eggs in my carton were cracked


I met Bil Keane once, at a fancy luncheon at a resort here in town that I've only ever been to the one time.

I was invited because I had written some essay that I remember nothing about and because I wrote a thing, meeting a guy who draws for a living while we ate tiny sandwiches for my prize.

I don't remember anything about it, and I don't think I still have the book he signed.

I felt like Not Me, if Not Me got credit instead of blame for things he never did.

not pictured: the like three knobs of butter i burned before finally getting the heat right, including the one that slid off the pan as i jerked it up to keep it from scorching and fell it right onto the heating element

if you’re a regular person, a thing you may not have considered doing when you’re in a good mood is using your limitless imagination to picture a beloved celebrity or performer using “SJWs” as an epithet sincerely

its real gross

well okay, bye

whoops, forgot to shake the ketchup bottle now there's a shot glass-worth of gross ketchup water on this plate

breaking out the FLATBED SCANNER like it's TWO THOUSAND THREE up in here

I woke up resigned to the fact that I'd have to wait around all day for the package that was supposed to arrive before I could do anything else, and then the package immediately arrived.

Well what am I supposed to do now?

i have been home for five gosh darn hours
what in tarnation are my pants still doing on

whoops wait why am i on ebay searching for old japanese 7"s

you may be surprised to learn, as i was, that leaving four separate .wmas open in single audacity window for over fifty hours doesn't particularly make your computer happy when you decide you want to start editing the files

pooped so hard i'm exhausted

good morning mastodon

i’m spending a lot of money on the wii shop channel, today, in this year of our lord two thousand eighteen

trying to determine if i want to risk eating my leftovers when i'm clearly experiencing some distress from the original meal last night

g’morn mastodon

let’s go back to bed