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matthew @karobit

Also he implied that ~350 games is a lot and I feel like anyone else whose been buying games on Steam for 10 years would have a similar amount??

In the course of a conversation about steam backlog I posted a screenshot of my library & my friend was astonished that I would reveal such info the public.

Is he just very concerned about privacy or... or is he low-key dragging me for my poor game tastes??

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@hellojed ah looking it up, he was only in the konami/hudson smash bros knockoff DreamMix TV World Fighters for GameCube

It's a shame, I'd really love to play a truck driving a kart.

@hellojed is that the one that includes takara/tomy stuff like optimus prime/convoy? or was that a different game?

it's been six months since SMAP broke up.

That's six months without compelling television like this

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@hellojed i like the writing at waypoint a lot but a) a lot of the takes are me just nodding and going "mmhmm" b) the quick profiles of new smaller games would benefit from more visuals/videos to really get it across

also, yeah, need more video content. i can't read an essay on my couch while eating dinner.

the elites don't want to hear this but i'll say it anyways and damn the consequences

restaurants that close between lunch and dinner are cowards

me earlier tonite, apparently: it's 1am monday morning and you're eating a big bowl of tortellini soup. you know what that means! it's time to watch this rented copy of john wick 2 and be real fuckin' petty

tfw you don't remember eating all the cookies but the cookies aren't there so you must've eaten all the cookies

I just found these two laying on my desk and I honestly don't know where I was going with either of them

@esdin ron paul was this close to ending the fed

why isnt there a youtube playlist of Cinematech episodes so I have something to put me to sleep

they really want me to say hello to the new patreon

Which box curry* should I use tonight?
(* I know one of these isn't curry; I'm adventuring)

@esdin oh this is a true honor thank you so much ps i kinda need someone to do the dishes