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As Bitcoin grows, bigger and bigger fish will arrive.

And they won't announce their arrival until they eat the previous alpha ruling the pond.

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@blockchainchick@twitter.com @maxkeiser@twitter.com Hong Kong citizens might want to get a move on. The government is running out of US dollars to support the currency peg. Their only option will be to decouple and or raise rates - Housing market will collapse, these effects will ripple like a tsunami. no more HSBC

People say that Bitcoin doesn't need you, but it is wrong. It needs you, it pays for its own survival and depends on you for it also. If there would be no you, the hodler, there would be now 2X, giggamegz, Faketoshi ruling and destroying Bitcoin. It needs us.

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@gaborgurbacs@twitter.com Bought a kilo notes when was a child - think it was at Ecseri Bolhapiac :)

But what if Hungray would have Bitcoins available as tool? For sure build a football stadium in Felcsút.

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@btcdragonlord@twitter.com @SatoshiLite@twitter.com Brilliant

Personal Face-to-Face bitcoin transactions, especially when you are selling your bitcoin or buying bitcoin can be just as dangerous as drug deals in alley. There is very little information (except the one on Bisq) available to conduct these safely.

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“The harder they try to suppress us, the harder we will fight for our 5 demands.”

protesters say Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has been lying through her teeth

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@americanhodl4@twitter.com who needs TA analysis when you can just stack up 6.15 $btc and get all the T & A at the citadel?

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Y’all niggas want TA? Get yourself 6.15 bitcoin and then you’ll have all the tits and ass you want... huh? Technical analysis? Fuck you mean technical analysis nigga? twitter.com/swedetoshi/status/

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Dumbcoiners are posting about increasingly moronic takes to try garner reshares and vitriol, which amplifies their message. Proof 👇 don’t even bother responding.

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Just checked. Bitcoin is still working.

Just cheaper sats, and a little less time until Bakkt launch and halving.

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@btcdragonlord@twitter.com @mir_btc@twitter.com @giacomozucco@twitter.com For a second I thought you eat CSWs brain.

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