For the first time in months I feel inspired to go home and do other things than just watch TV and play games, and I'm super occupied with home improvements and paining walls :P

Oh well, I'll get time to do stuff again soon enough :)

I just read

Made me think of how feeds could work quite well with dweb (DAT) pages. Made me want to think about this more, and maybe even write about it.

Rant: 80 character line width is outdated. More often than I would like to, it forces me to line break awkwardly, remove nice syntactic sugar, or shorten function/parameter names. This makes code harder, not easier to read.

Also I have a wide-screen monitor.

Step 1: get new computer
Step 2: decide to install fish instead of zsh
Step 3: Use fish, but never feel like you're super-comfy with it
Step 4: Start getting annoyed with fish, missing zsh.
Step 5: But be too lazy to go back
Step 6: Get new computer again
Step 7: Finally go back to zsh
Step 8: Realize that fish was actually awesome
Step 9: Be too lazy to install fish again...?

First day in a five week journey towards getting a new bathroom built.

Did I see somewhere that you'll soon be able to get phone contacts through a JS API in Chrome Android?

Oh, what is this, the Linux on Samsung Dex isn't dead after all!

My first week at the offices at my new employer. So far so good :)

If you're in the market for an artisanal browser, do give Vivaldi a spin!

Wish I was in London for this year's . Had a blast last year.

Last two-and-half days at Gonna be super-weird to leave, but also super-excited to try out something new for the first time since Uni.

Man-oh-man am I excited about Smash Bros. and Animal Crossing today!

Quite tempted to add in non-http protocol (read: dweb) support to the URL parser I'm writing...

One of those days where you don't really have any recollection of anything that happened before coffee number three.

Lazyweb: Are there any good sources for dweb news? Trying to make sense of this new dat, ipfs, scuttlebutt world.

Newsletter, curated Mastodon feed, blog?

@aral I noticed that the dat:// version of your site was unavailable (for me?) for a few days. I'm still trying to figure out this whole dweb thing – and I'm curious about the what and why this happened :)

Highly recommend setting aside some time and read @moznews curated series of articles on distributed web. Impossible to know if any of these bits will stick, but boy-oh-boy do I enjoy the enthusiasm that surrounds new tech.

It is 2018 and I've yet again smitten by the promises of web components.

Between Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, web radio, music blogs,, the browser is probably the most amazing music player out there.

Pity that the UX kinda sucks. No unifying controls, audio levels. Find myself missing the Songbird media player quite a bit from time to time.

Heads needs coffee, but the body is too warm.

Darn this heatwave to heck!

I'm amazed of how hard it is to find a good, reasonably priced 16:10 screen :/

...wonder if 3:2 screens are as hard to find :P

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