Man-oh-man am I excited about Smash Bros. and Animal Crossing today!

Quite tempted to add in non-http protocol (read: dweb) support to the URL parser I'm writing...

One of those days where you don't really have any recollection of anything that happened before coffee number three.

Lazyweb: Are there any good sources for dweb news? Trying to make sense of this new dat, ipfs, scuttlebutt world.

Newsletter, curated Mastodon feed, blog?

@aral I noticed that the dat:// version of your site was unavailable (for me?) for a few days. I'm still trying to figure out this whole dweb thing – and I'm curious about the what and why this happened :)

Highly recommend setting aside some time and read @moznews curated series of articles on distributed web. Impossible to know if any of these bits will stick, but boy-oh-boy do I enjoy the enthusiasm that surrounds new tech.

It is 2018 and I've yet again smitten by the promises of web components.

Between Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, web radio, music blogs,, the browser is probably the most amazing music player out there.

Pity that the UX kinda sucks. No unifying controls, audio levels. Find myself missing the Songbird media player quite a bit from time to time.

Heads needs coffee, but the body is too warm.

Darn this heatwave to heck!

I'm amazed of how hard it is to find a good, reasonably priced 16:10 screen :/

...wonder if 3:2 screens are as hard to find :P

Soymilk-for-breakfast-experiment-week day 1: this is gonna be a long week.

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If you're interested in technology & ethics, please consider participating in this workshop coming up about Permissions and User Consent (in San Diego, California in September). This is one of the crossroads of tech & ethics for the web.

Roadtrip alongside the northern Norwegian coastline.

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There's an #ActivityPub federated calendar/events site in development called at @calendar_social

It's still very early days, but if you're interested or want to help out, have a look:

The developer is @gergely

#FOSS #Calendar #Events #Federation #Fediverse #OpenSource

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Owners of smart lightning, IOT (and more specifically Philips Hue): Am I doing a grave mistake if I install these in my home? While somewhat pricey, they are cheaper than getting an electrician to install it all.

And with the Mozilla IOT effort, I'm seeing some hope in creating a lasting ecosystem.

Then again, the existing lightning in my house is probably many decades old. I'm expecting smart-house-stuff getting outdated after just a few years.

Looking to give Linux a try this summer. Trying to decide between Solus and Elementary. Choices, while incredibly nice to have, can be tough :P

Still no news on Samsung's Linux on Galaxy thing :/

Anyone know of a way to stream just the audio from a YouTube live stream? Maybe pipe it into something like VLC?

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