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Went a bit back and forth on whether to use Protonmail or Fastmail. Went with the former for now. Should be easy enough to migrate in the future, should I change my mind.

Finally got around to set up my custom email domain. Now to see if anyone ever will take the .email GTLD seriously :P

A few weeks later, and I realize that no book I've ever read has made an impact on me as great as Dead Zone: Where the Wild Things Were. The future we're carving out for ourselves is bleak :(

Humble Bundle has a nice sale on functional programming books!

So, let's do this! (later, someday – work first)

Been thinking a bit about the Podbike over the weekend. One part electric car, one part bike. Quite an interesting concept. Wonder if it'll work – needs a bit of infrastructure for it to reach its full potential. But I am intrigued, and excited to see its release later this year.

Inspired by @peter ( I spend a little time today toying with the idea of how a Mastodon interface centered around image consumption (think Instagram) could look like.

I think most Mastodon concepts translates well into this space, even adding popular features that Instagram refuse to implement themselves, such as republishing other people's content (boosting).

Just bought myself an email domain. Now on to find an email provider.

Oh wow, PWAs on desktop is getting ever closer to becoming a reality. Possible through a feature flag on Chrome now.


OK, when did Linux distros start to get so... pretty?

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Anyone been using Mastodon (or something else) as an alternative to Instagram? Show more

Spent all of yesterday evening trying to get VSCode to run on my Raspberry Pi.

Work music recommendation: soundtrack of the (amazing) Kurtzgesagt videos.

Somber, non-intrusive and mellow.

It's the time of year where I'm once again tempted to give working on a Linux machine a go again.

Anyone have experience dualbooting a 2017 (touchbar) MacBook?

Web video (and by extension webRTC) is gonna be much nicer!

(in a few years time, yes, but I'm still excited!)

What's the German word for trying to find a random part of the application you're building and trying to shoehorn WebAssembly into it?

What's the German word for thinking about an awesome project you want to do, and can't wait to get home from work to do that, then realize you are too tired to do the thing and never get around to it?

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"CSS-in-JS has problems of its own... Could we somehow devise a method of extending CSS (like SASS and LESS) that gives us styles that are guaranteed not to leak or clash... yes – we could! We call it Stylable." by @bruce@twitter.coml

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