Inspired by @peter ( I spend a little time today toying with the idea of how a Mastodon interface centered around image consumption (think Instagram) could look like.

I think most Mastodon concepts translates well into this space, even adding popular features that Instagram refuse to implement themselves, such as republishing other people's content (boosting).

@kartoffelmos Very cool! I'd be interested in this both as a separate social experience, e.g. using a Mastodon instance designed for photo sharing (Instagram style), and maybe also as a viewing option for Mastodon generally. What do you think would be the best way to take it forwards? 😀

@peter What I'm thinking right now is to design this thing as a stand-alone client, capable to connect to any instance, and then set it up to be the preferred client for a separate photo focused instance down the line.

But the most important thing IMO in making something that could be used in place of Instagram would also require a proper photo-mode, which would probably require a bit of work. But having worked with WebRTC quite a bit, I don't think I'd have much trouble with that bit ;)

@kartoffelmos @peter I would pay for a Masto-like Instagram replacement, not even kidding.

@kartoffelmos @peter wut, I'm featured in a screenshot!

Also, I made an attempt at a instagram inspired client for Mastodon a while back. It's unfinished, but live on

The code is available on

The main thing I'd want you to draw inspiration from is how I present multiple pictures in one post. I think my algorithm can be optimised to scale-fit the images better, though.


@kartoffelmos @peter funnily enough, on mobile, this works quite well regardless, or am i completely missing a point here?

@hirojin @peter When I've been thinking about this, I've envisioned this as a three part project. The first being this bit – a specialized consuming experience. The second bit would be an instance that only accepted image and video posts (and replies, which would become the comments).

And then the third, and probably most important bit: the client responsible for capturing the images.

@kartoffelmos @peter

hello Tk
I tried to create an Instagram-like using Mastodon

I'm very interested in your project

@RyuKurisu Thanks :) I hope to be able to spend a little more time on it come next week, see if I can kickstart something worthwhile.

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