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Ostensibly I'm an indie game developer but in reality most of my time on Mastodon is spent shitposting or getting mad about politics.

Yeah, I'm out of here. The stans can go fuck themselves.

You can find me at: @karyl

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Well, we're here now... I'm wishing we could go back to more politics on Local and less celebrity worship.

Might have to move instances, honestly.

I sent an email complaint to Walmart and they have just sent me a survey request about my "recent support experience" but I haven't received an actual reply from them yet. :/

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Philip DeFranco is the Tucker Carlson of YouTube... You heard it here first

He just makes the same confused face at whatever daily outrage is happening

thank god for the filter on Local timeline... You damn heathens

So SketchUp isn't owned by Google anymore? And the free version is completely web-based?

At first I was kinda peeved but didn't have much choice but to use it. And actually, it's quite a capable web app. Easily as polished as the desktop app was, before.

M aking
S hitty
T oot
O n
D ecentralized
O nline
N etworks

Ah finally, is back... Time for me to make some good posts

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Can't wait for my son to get bored of ARK so I can uninstall it and get 8029384730265 gigs of my hard drive back

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Someone should start a Raspberry Pi zine called "Pi Times"

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