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Now with 64K RAM!

Toying with the idea of installing LineageOS. Should I or should I not?

Nature Valley has these things now called Almond Butter Granola Cups and I'm just going to keep eating them until I die

Cat #2 (The Good One) hops up onto chairs like a normal cat. Cat #1 (The Bad One) scales the back of each chair like he's a freeclimber

@karyl Seems like Rotting Christ has songs in German, French, English, Latin, and Orcish (Like Blizzard orcs). All on one album. Quite ambitious :D

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Does this artwork look like me? Try with your own at

I get really excited when I see people talking about vikings but then I realize it's the sports team

remember that disorganization I was talking about... :P

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Found me a new monitor at the thrift shop for $20 and it actually works. Gotta find my HDMI-to-DVI adapter now so I can use both at once, though. Damn disorganization...

TFW your SO goes out to get coffee and breakfast and you still eat a bowl of cereal while you're waiting :P

6-10 days, I guess. That's not so bad.

Ordered some cool stickers from Redbubble last night. Wonder how long they'll take to get here?

Is there a decent place to anonymously scream into the void, that isn't a chan board obviously

@sophia Sorry for the shit you're going through atm -_-

Nintendo Labo looks pretty neat. If the cardboard they use is sturdy it will probably do well, I think.