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Now with 64K RAM!

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Ostensibly I'm an indie game developer but in reality most of my time on Mastodon is spent shitposting or getting mad about politics.

I find myself in bed at 11:30, since I gotta get up semi-early for church and I'm tired anyway. Feels good honestly, maybe I could get used to this :P

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Okay I'm back in Linux Land. Life is good again.

Also I discovered that Godot only doesn't work on Windows on this laptop because Intel doesn't provide OpenGL 3.3 drivers for my chipset on Windows even though the hardware supports it. Now that I'm in Linux again, Godot is happy.

Okay so I guess Visual Studio Installer was already on my computer, installed with Visual Studio in the first place. But it's still annoying that 1) it's a separate app and 2) it didn't uninstall that part along with the rest

I really wish you could get Godot to make a "2D ONLY" project and stop throwing a fit about my shitty integrated graphics on this laptop

I uninstalled Visual Studio Community and it installed "Visual Studio Installer" in order to uninstall and then left that on my computer

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So Matrix is the real deal huh? Who picked that godawful name though?

I am super excite, my boss said he had a monitor he wasn't using that he would give to me for free.

He brought it in today, it's 24", 16:9, and much much nicer than my existing monitor at home :D

Oh geez I didn't realize the new God of War was out TOMORROW. 95 average on Metacritic too!!! I don't buy AAA games first-day very often, but gonna pick that up FOR SURE.

Okay I have to quit this and get back to work or else I'll feel shitty if I waste the rest of the afternoon playing around

For some reason I started thinking about CRT emulators and now I downloaded Stella and am playing Adventure. Send help I'm trapped in a maze

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When something shouldn't be true but is, it's called a Pair of Doc's, after the Doc Martens that were Heraclitus' favourite

My 6yo watches enough Irish YouTubers that he thinks "tree" is another word for "three"