What if,
- The Skripals were poisoned with BZ
- The samples given to the OPCW were BZ forensic remnants mixed with pure A234 Novichok
- There was a typical day in a Syria ER after a bomb attack mixed in with one person causing panic by shouting "CW!" followed by some staged interviews.
- And on the basis of that dodgy evidence, UK-USA bombed a sovereign state without any UN Charter, Security Council Resolution, international treaty or agreement of any kind which justifies this action.

@jbond Because for those of us with anxiety/depression, confronting political happenings is often a short trip to hopelessness and despondency. CWing allows us to engage and interact with that content on our terms, without requiring much effort on the poster's part :)

@jbond Additionally, your un-CWed political posts are going to show up in both Local and Federated.

Probably just easier to CW, but what do I know eh? 🙄

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