Apparently some people in my real life close circle trust more than the / server that I'm planning to set up.

It always starts with "what if someone hacks it?" and gradually leads to "so you can see my private messages and files?".

Providing references and documentations is futile also. They are even terrified by the idea.

Next time when they ask me to fix their laptops/computers I will tell them to ask WhatsApp. I'm not trustworthy.

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@kasra_mp Maybe get them to join a popular instance first and take yourself out of the equation altogether. When they feel comfortable with #matrix and understand how things work you could reintroduce the idea of migrating to a self-managed instance. Baby steps.

@ilyess - That's correct in some cases but not all the times.
There's this myth that if something is super popular it must good. 1B people use WhatsApp so it's well secured. It's more mindset issue which is quite popular unfortunately.

Regardless I don't push them, I just presented stuff who likes can join.

Of course their concerns were valid, I'm not against that.

There's a general fatigue towards change and usually people look for excuses to avoid.

@kasra_mp That’s it. I would argue that being popular could potentially make a service less secure. Hackers are after big fish to score a juicy ransom, be on the news headlines, or just for self-gratification. They don’t care about a random self-managed Matrix instance that no one knows about.

@ilyess - yes exactly. There's no benefit in hacking unknown services. It's waste of time and resources for attackers, unless it's personal.

@kasra_mp they are right: people you know may be easily tempted to check messages, and I don't have statistics at hand, but I believe that a lot of spying is done by close people.

IMO best is to discuss, explain end-to-end encryption (with human words, not doc), and not try to force them. Even with e2ee, metadata are there.

Don't take it for something against yourself, it's a normal and I would say sane reaction.

Good luck

@Goffi - I understand their points.
That's why I don't pressure anyone. If it was 5 years ago I would be upset. Now I just move forward. I present my case who wants to join can join, that's all.

I gave docs and refs and stated they don't even need to trust my words, they can read materials for themselves.

Also at the same time I stop helping on things that I don't use or plan to stop using like Windows, macOS, WhatsApp.

@kasra_mp I learned a kindness from your willingness to do good things for friends. Thanks, and please keep sharing.

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