I wish scp would let you copy via ssh on both source and dest

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@ghostdancer I should try that sometime..

I bet I could make something terrible out of cat, ssh and |

ssh user1@remote1 "cat /path/to/src" | ssh user1@remote2 "cat - > /path/to/dest"

What could possibly go wrong!

Maybe insert "pv" in the middle to get a running commentary ?

@kat That's really unixy and that is what it makes it look so terrifying

@kat Can ye no use rsync for two remote endpoints?

@kat ah, thought it was possible but in retrospect obviously not as the two remote hosts might not be able to contact each other. There's a way of doing it through a tunnel from host 1 to your machine, which sends everything off to host 2. Much on stackexchange about this...

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