have you seen/heard of a web cms that uses 'folders as database' paradigm?

@luka Apache with "Options Indexes" and custom style sheet ?

I wrote one in 2004 like this (on IIS using ASP)

There was an "default.asp" that did a prettified directory listing (ignoring particular files, and if some specific files existed you could use them to override or add to the default header/footer/navigation bar.

To publish you just mount the webroot as a file system and copy in your stuff, and you can control publishing access with file system acl's to particular users and groups.


@luka needless to say it is a terrible security hellhole .. allowing people to shovel files into the directory tree and ask the web server to execute them.. though that could maybe be fixed.

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@kat I'm invisaging a homepage like that with more focused system of publishing. more like a blog+notes+portfolio but based on an existing folder/file structure. yes, php files should not be executed like that...

@luka @kat somewhat related by the blurb generation feature: ordecon.com/2020/07/pandoc-as-. I use a modified version of this for my own site now and it's pretty fun, but I temporarily removed the blurb part.

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