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Kate @katebowles

Some gratitude

First up, whoever made the sun finally shine in England.

And @lauraritchie for her beautiful welcome to her home by the sea.

Deep gratitude to @Damage and @ginnungagap for writing about struggle (and chickens).

@dajbelshaw, @risabee and @mattcropp continue to make me think harder about cooperative life.

@Tdorey for

@wion for big picture thinking

@paralithode for such appreciated ritual.

Thanks to all.

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@ginnungagap @lauraritchie @dajbelshaw @risabee @mattcropp @Tdorey @wion @paralithode @katebowles I sort of needed this today, I have even been thinking about asking for some nice things about me because I feel like such a pain! But then this happened all by itself. I am so glad my need to constantly broadcast my inner life has some even slightly positive effects xx