Also finally resolved in my own head that mastodon isn't about avoiding politics. CWs aren't about avoiding politics.

Taking care with content is about managing risk to others so that the effort to repair a damaged world doesn't deteriorate into panic, aggression or despair.

CWs seem like a small good step towards respecting that the state of global politics affects us deeply. It's not a sideshow.

@katebowles and also, avoiding politics, thanks
at least I don't want to see bad takes on politics all day long =P

@katebowles I agree. But I'm also increasingly of the opinion that CWs should be something that receivers can automatically apply based on filters and stuff. In addition to being applied by thoughtful senders. It should be possible for someone to automatically CW things in their timeline that have certain keywords. After all, that's really the intent: to protect individuals from their individual stressors.

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