#auspol #smallstories #ourbestselves 

So, to give birdsite its due, this thing is happening.

An Australian politician uses large toxic politics hashtag to rage against a primary school for having a "gender morphing" wear a dress day.

Everyone points out it's a well known national fundraiser for girls' education in Africa. And we're just so done with this fearmongering talk.

Donations pour in.

Primary school kids with target of $900 now have nearly $20K.

#auspol #smallstories #ourbestselves 

Look, this is now crazily beautiful. $110k and still going up.

It's as though we all got tired of being told what to think about love and gender by uninformed bullies.

Well done fellow Australians. We really need to see ourselves doing good stuff.

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#auspol #smallstories #ourbestselves 

@katebowles yeah boyyyy! Link to give more money please?

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