I live in a seaside town of 6000 or so (5620 at the 2011 census but expanding rapidly because we're 90 minutes from Sydney).

There's a human scale to knowing who runs the store, to everyone's kids going to the same little school, to familiar faces on the street.

I love cities. But really I love neighbourhoods in cities best.

Mastodon is at human scale for me.

This is a post I wrote about our town, in the context of Twitter as a community of anger and conflict. I've been thinking back to it as America gets ready for what's coming. (@ShorterPearson)

@katebowles if I spot flowers on sale at my local corner shop that are out of date, they give them to me for a penny. ;) but don't tell anyone...

I love to visit cities- they're exciting, but I Love conversation around the table best of all. Not shouting, not in the din of a cocktail party, but where you can still hear the sounds of outside creeping in through the window as well as the talking.

It is a nice space, this.

@lauraritchie I love the story about the out of date flowers. It's stayed with me all day.

@katebowles lilies smell great in our kitchen

I think it's about respect though. I genuinely value those working in the shop. (personally took me a very long time to learn to respect, think it was a teacher in HS I first consciously respected) It's like at my uni, the groundskeeper is also music dept's unofficial photographer, but you'd never know it wearing dungarees & digging. He is so valued. People's talents often lie hidden from public view

@katebowles your town is the perfect size. One day, I hope to visit.

@katebowles I've had your post open in a tab for the past 19 days and finally read it. Thank you. I love that you walk, and are wise, and survived, and cared for that man, and shared it with everyone. Your story is a needed reminder that we have the capacity to heal and do good in the face of shouting. Community is worth building - here, there, and everywhere- in all sorts of likely and unlikely ways. @ShorterPearson

@ShorterPearson @Gargron @lauraritchie So that's also a beautiful mastodon thing: friendship retrieves you, even among vagabonds like us.

@katebowles I'd like to have a greater population among us engaged quietly and having these intimate, deep conversations. But I get nervous about stoking people back here with too much energy. The conversations here are so valuable because they're so organic and so naturally evolving. And so comparatively quiet to the hyperbole on "bird-site".

So: I'm glad it's the friendship that's retrieving us. Because I don't want to force, or even gently encourage. @Gargron @lauraritchie

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