Hi all, I'm a PhD student studying quantum optics & slow light media, with a bit of general relativity thrown in.

#hobbies include guitar, juggling & chess

@christy Hey welcome.

I found mastodon comes into its own when you follow enough people that you have a home timeline of who you want to hear from. Public timelines can be a firehose.

Any questions, there's a really friendly smart community milling around in here.

Also since you juggle, mastodon has clowns, seriously: @RussSharek @Avalon

Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm not entirely new though - I was already following you on @Slippy_K and just settled on a new instance & imported my following list.

@christy @Slippy_K Why did you change instance? Just curious. I gave scholar.social a look but stayed put in the end.

Right from when I joined mastodon.social I was looking for another instance, and one that was science-inclined. I think because I would then be closer to people I had more interest in.

The influx of new users recently reaffirmed the idea that mastodon.social was just a gateway or stepping stone.

I don't know if I'll post on both accounts, but I'll at least check the mastodon.social local tl occasionally.

All that said, this server isn't super stable.


@christy I don't use the mastodon.social local timeline, I think I've made my own instance-like sense of smaller community by following.

But I've been wondering how it would feel to have a stronger sense of instance identity. At the moment I feel more like a node.

There are lots of approaches to explore, evidently. It's been so long since I joined a new community that just talking to new people out of the blue feels alien but familiar, like some dormant muscle memory is waking up.


That was how mastodon has been (is) for me too. "Just talking", in smart reflective company. Not promoting, not denouncing, not seeking attention.

It took a while to trust. I really love it.

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