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...I forgot how rough playing the guitar can be on your fingertips.

Spoiler Alert 

For reasons I cannot fathom, I am currently awake.

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My Lord of the Rings character is the helicopter they use over and over to shoot every 2nd fucking shot

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getting rid of my corporeal form because it doesn't bring me joy

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The only billionaire philanthropy that should exist is the Billionaires For Ending The Existence Of Billionaires Foundation

The Schultz Foundation to push billions lobbying congress for tax hikes to 90% on anyone making over $10 million

"Bill & Melinda Gates End Capitalist Corporations Foundation" would pay Amazon & Google workers $100 a day to strike indefinitely until these corps were democratized into worker coops

The only good cancer is the cancer that destroys itself & all other cancer

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If you boost this picture of my cat, then others will have the pleasure of viewing it

🎶Capitalism as a system requires infinite growth and is therefore unsustainable🎶

I think my favorite part of the remake is that the character models actually look like people rather than terrifying homonculi.

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