To be clear, that's a real question and I would read an article about it.

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looks like it's all escort services. I wonder how much business Mastodon is bringing them.

Jacques Pepin and me, or, as someone put it, Buffy and Giles. (I'm over the moon about that.) Listen to the - he's a delight:

I got to interview Mara Wilson for my , Smart Mouth. (We talked about food stuff mostly, but also I brought up that my dog is named Matilda. It wasn't awkward. IT WASN'T!)

I saw the phrase "cream cheese and jelly sandwiches" on a thread about what people ate in their youth, and nearly fell off my chair. I hadn't thought of those in probably 25 years, but they were a big deal to me when I was little - my stepdad would cut one slice of bread into two thinner slices for those sandwiches. So fancy! (My other one was ketchup and sliced cheddar in a flour tortilla, microwaved. I knew that one wasn't fancy.)

Oh hey what's up I already posted a picture of my dog, so here's me with a sno-cone.

This absurd-looking creature. Her superpower is hearing chip bags open from miles away.


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