i want a place where i can really ramble abt astrology without listening to disclaimers or people aggressively not believing in it

petition to refer to our “flaws” as obstacles or challenges, that is, a shot at victory

@kathinka im just being dramatic abt a ttrpg character i cant connect with/understand/always end up acting ooc with and waiting to retire like yesterday

fitting that the last thing i do with her is probably the one thing i know she wouldnt participate in but oh well things gotta move along

i drew the DSW main cast in my own clothes and it was tons of fun!!!

my webcomic: deadscholarscomic.com

why i have to fight so hard to keep my selfconfidence and esteem up rn lol

am i tearing it down when im not looking?

okay im not a trained mental health professional but I doooon’t think being an introvert and having social anxiety is the same goddamn thing

i dont think being an introvert is QUITE that dramatic.....

💻 classes started again and it was great!
🍰 went to work which is now something i can look forward to
💐 my new coworkers and boss are huggers and i got 4 hugs!
🔥 me n my buddy got top grades for our last exam!
🍵 im having lovely tea and feeling my body fall asleep

i had the best day today and am a very content and happy egg

@kathinka u cant measure if u have adhd by your reaction to caffeeine, it’s just one of those little things where i forget abt it and then go “oh right lol this isnt normal.”

i was getting a bit in head for a while thinking i probably didnt have adhd at all anyway and then i saw someone mention getting a headache when abstaining from caffeeine addiction and remembering i can go from drinking 6 cups a day to none without literally any issue and have never, ever experienced any of the classic effects of caffeeine assumption.

i finished colours on the first chapter of go south! hoping to letter it all tomorrow...

i like discussing sayings n stuff but sometimes it gets a bit “uhm but this doesnt fit every situation” ja doy ofc it doesnt, nothing does.

@kathinka it’s either twelve million effort or super duper boring

i have recently learned about myself that i Do Not enjoy colouring comics

new rule for 2019 lol you can vent to me abt whoever you like but you dont get to control my opinion of that person. what i think is my own gd business and im capable of thinking of people in 3d.
if you want your own perspective echoed back to you, talk to a mirror 😩

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