I could never have a kid because I know eventually it would go online and I don't want to be responsible for that

how long do I have to keep taking these pills until I'm a cute friend

Good morning tooters what’s the best thing that’s happened so far today

just saw a massive twitter thread about how mastodon is bad because it's hard to build a brand or an audience on here and hahaha bitch exactly

the three types of mastadon users

(and yes, everyone of them looks *exactly* like this)


Lmaoo someone sculled a bottle of wine and is now soooo far gone and crying because we won’t let him have a beer

i really like the use of positive (+), negative (-), and neutral (~) in the CW as i find it to be much more helpful and pretty specific even for only symbols

for example, talking about mental health could be
-talking about triggering stuff
-talking abut progress
-talking about something you've learned about yourself

and any of those could trigger people, depending on the exact content. so using + - or ~ in your CW is really good for a variety of topics and i appreciate it.

keep it going

Holy fuck the king cup now has cider, red wine and lager in it this shit is going to be disgusting

It’s really funny when you’re playing never have I ever and some people take ages to think of something lmao

We’re doing drinking games so prepare for some wild drunk toots

Retoot to give Gorbachev a good kick in the яйца

Bird site abbreviated is bs and honestly we should have taken the hint long ago

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