So, I've set up a new instance for myself. Everyone I'm following, expect to shortly be followed by
Any if anyone else is following me, I'll be tooting from there shortly!

My doctor was very nice and polite and didn't call me a hypochondriac even once, although I bet he was tempted lots.

I am tired of being sick.

Haven't been to the dojo for a week now. Constantly exhausted and feel like I'm not getting enough oxygen. Bleh, I say, bleh.

Anticipated levels of brain supply are projected to not be enough to satisfy demand: brain bankruptcy imminent, warn forecasters.

Dreamt I was seeing one of my favorite bands perform, and woke up feeling really happy. Then I thought to myself that they haven't put out any new music recently, and only then did I remember that they broke up back in 2003.

Trying to recapture that happy feeling. :/

As predicted, band practice was both loud and therapeutic.

I'll try and get a decent recording of our next show that I feel like actually sharing.

Conveniently, tonight is band practice, so soon I won't just be listening to loud music, I'll be making it. Very therapeutic.

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Who me? I'm just blasting NIN as loud as I can stand on my way home.

How was your day?

Ahh, back to NYC. London was nice to visit, but it's nice to be home.

Hello London, I am in you (temporarily)

I keep coming back to reminding myself of this simple way to figure out what to do:

For every decision, ask yourself "What would an asshole do?", and then do something different.

Courtesy of this morning's practice, a meditation.

Is it that my stiff, out of shape body is what's getting in my way, or is it that I am overthinking and getting in my body's way?

Morning aikido: good for body, good for soul, terrible for self-esteem.

These are all desirable outcomes.

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My favorite fact about Elon Musk, which I learned from a talk given by one of the Tesla founders:

Elon Musk was not there when they founded Tesla. He made an investment in Tesla later on, and one of the things he wanted in return for his investment was to get the title "Founder of Tesla". He literally bought the title.

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*slaps roof of Tennessee* this bad boy can fit so many Cumberlands in it

It's so cold in Brooklyn today that we are using the garage as a backup refrigerator.


Rejected CW tag: Ornithophagy

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Oh, and one of these was my turkey when I arrived at the poultry store:

I got most of today's Todo list done: the house is passably clean, there is a turkey, and shortly it will be soaking in brine.

Just gotta get through tomorrow but hopefully by front loading today it'll be easier.

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