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This one is for my fellow punk rock aikidoka.

During aikido practice this morning, my brain combined last night's band practice of a song by the Buzzcocks, and gave me:

What do I get (oh-oh-oh)? Shi-ho-nage!
What do I get (oh-oh-oh)? Irime-nage!

This is what happens when band and aikido are less than 12 hours apart.

Still no hot water at home. Today's post-aikido shower was brrrrr.

Busy planning the menu for Thanksgiving. The biggest concern right now is audience: I don't know if any of my vegan friends are coming, and if they do (which would be wonderful) I'll need to switch things up a bit.

Morning hot water update: again missing, plumber called.

At midnight, we discovered we had no hot water in the house. I went to the basement to check the water heater, and saw an error code on it.

Friends, it's 2018, and tonight I had to reboot my water heater.

I need an alarm clock that reminds me to eat, because the current system of "suddenly realize that I am starving" doesn't work well.

Weekend so far: driving down the NJ Turnpike with my kids and their cousins, the car broke down suddenly. After a tow and three mechanics, rented a giant SUV and continued to the conference where my kids gave a talk on Security and Harry Potter. Then had a great dinner and saw my new baby niece.

Today: returned the giant SUV and took a cab home to Brooklyn and three kids' soccer games are happening and maybe homework too.

Weekends aren't boring, at least.

Today's mood: I can't even but I still have to even.

I just voted! But I forgot to get a sticker. ☹️

I have sent 8 PRs today, can my brain take a break yet?

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The problem with trying to troubleshoot your brain is that you don't have root. Half of psychiatry is about trying to find privilege escalation exploits.

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WIZARD: Has anyone seen my wand?

ME (roasting a hot dog on a stick): no. *hot dog grows a mouth and starts screaming* ....maybe.

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did you know that the second @ in a fedi mention is pronounced "who art in"

at double oh dani who art in vulpine club

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*slaps roof of the basement* this bad boy can fit so many spiders in it

On the way to dawn aikido practice I always ask myself why I get up so early to go work so hard.

Afterwards, I reply, "Oh, that's why."

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I finally got that cooking blog started! Thanks in large part to @Wsteria talking about cooking eggs this morning.

Cooking Without Spoons
A cooking blog for when you Just Can't

There's not much on it yet but I have a bunch of posts already planned to put on it over the next few weeks, now that the hard part is done and it's set up.

cc @pixelpaperyarn
#blogs #cooking #otherhashtagsasneeded

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Please help Kickstart my app, which sends notifications to your phone whenever "Them Duke boys is at it again."

Oh, and I need to raise enough money to also invent time travel to send this joke back to when it would have found its audience... who won't know what apps are.

Okay, hold on, the campaign's on hold while I figure this out.

The new verification feature is cool, and also reminds me that I haven't had an actual website for years now. I wonder if I still have the data backed up anywhere?

Band practice done. As expected it was fun and the bandmates were awesome. Why do I freak myself out about this?

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