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i can’t sleep, so here i am with a little :

i’m kat; my pronouns are she/her. i specialize in graphic & /ui design, with a background in psych, & front-end .

my hobbies include watching (cardcaptor sakura right now), messing with (xubuntu for my ancient macbook), (mostly sff) fiction, & playing (probably animal crossing & slay the spire).

also, i will never say no to french fries... ok i’m done, somebody go next

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I am really fucking dick of autocorrect making things awkward

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How to know if your cursor is going to hit the scroll bar when you try to click on it in 2021:

The tiny and low-contrast grey scroll bar

Becomes a tiny and low-contrast scroll bar, *with a slightly different shade of grey*

Everyone involved in making computers

Hates you

And wants your experience to be worse

who tf allowed me to start playing pokémon shield for the first time this past weekend??? because now it's all i can think about?!!

canada: it’s *labour* day, not ‘labor’ day…

also canada: in *honour* of the *laborious* working people, as summer comes to an *honorary* close…


"all we hear is radio ga ga
video goo goo
internet ga ga
all we hear is cyberspace ga ga
marketing blah blah"

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current mood: 'radio ga ga,' but like, the musical version... as in, there once was a musical theatre show called 'we will rock you' featuring music from queen.

i don't even remember the plot anymore, but i do remember this scene.

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it’s nice to have a social life again.
it’s nice to have friends.

i would like to take my reading outside, but there's another heat warning today & i'm afraid that all this paper might actually be a fire hazard.

i really don’t feel like sewing right now.

but i have safety pins, & a cute skirt that i can’t be bothered to return for a different size because i bought it online & who really wants to go through that whole process…

what is this ‘inbox zero’ & how much MP do i need to unlock this skill?

& i absolutely refuse to go back to the ergonomic nightmare that is the apple magic mouse NO THANk YOU

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my computer mouse broke, so i'm currently using my wacom tablet as a touchpad to mindlessly scroll through the internet...

this is just so wrong.

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i really hate to say it, but the *one* & **only** thing i miss about fb since quitting—fb groups 🥲

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Mastodon grumbling 

If Eugen is so ashamed of the monster he's created that he feels the majority of it should be hidden away like a dirty little secret in the official iOS app he could use that shame towards building better tools towards a healthier and safer social space like people have been literally begging for and suggesting since 2017

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an update: it finally happened.

i mean, i was finally able to book an appointment & get my hair cut—godd i do not have the guts to cut my hair with a sword.

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soo according to my calendar, my last appointment was JUL 2019.

as much as i cannot stand having my hair length past my shoulders, i’m really not ready to join the pandemy-self-haircut club yet, unless.........

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