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i can’t sleep, so here i am with a little :

i’m kat; my pronouns are she/her. i specialize in graphic & /ui design, with a background in psych, & front-end .

my hobbies include watching (cardcaptor sakura right now), messing with (xubuntu for my ancient macbook), (mostly sff) fiction, & playing (probably animal crossing & slay the spire).

also, i will never say no to french fries... ok i’m done, somebody go next

a clean install of F34, so obvs i gotta get everything back to how i like it...

which means dracula everywhereeee 🦇

my sister was recently eligible for the vaccine (she’s a teacher) & got her first jab today.

…apparently, she’s also a comedian 🙄

What's the point in blocking somebody here that you really don't want to see when if someone boosts their posts it shows up in your feed anyway. What's that function for? 🙄

sooo, i managed to nuke my fedora dual-boot while trying to upgrade to F34 & now it won't install at all 🙃

...yeah, i'm ready for bed now.

"may the 4th be with you"
me: .........and also with you

—a consequence of my catholic upbringing

in other news, i’ll be eligible for the vaccine by may two-four weekend, so there’s that 🥲

a rant re:COVID-19, ontario/canadian gov't politics 


but okk sure let's just beg for help from this developing country after already making a mess of our own province 👍

ty for coming to my TED talk

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a rant re:COVID-19, ontario/canadian gov't politics 

1. ontario is calling on the philippines for more healthcare workers, even though

2. filipino immigrants with nursing & medical degrees, licenses, etc. already exist in canada, but their credentials & education has *never* been recognized here, so they are forced to work minimum wage as PSWs & nannies, e.g., literally my mother & all of my titas & cousins who came to canada for a so-called "better life"

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So 2021 webdesign is all about
- HUUUUGE fonts
- the same cookie joke everywhere
- annoying mouse cursor hijacking
- scroll hijacking, again
- text moving around while you scroll
I feel like all the webagencies have those now.

satire re:COVID-19 public health measures & restrictions in ontario, canada 

friends, a message from the gov’t of ontario, canada

in case you’re wondering how the pandemic is going...

this nintendo indie world sale is really going to do some damage on my backlog (& my wallet), isn't it.........

an update: i got it out, thanks to a quick search of the interwebs & a paperclip.

apparently, i’m not the only idiot who has done this before; so if you know, you know 👀

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i just shoved a microSD card adapter into the CD drive instead of the SD card slot on the side of my iMac, & now it’s fucking stuck in there.........


A moment of silence for all the replies I typed but deleted.

A moment of silence for all the toots never sent.

soo according to my calendar, my last appointment was JUL 2019.

as much as i cannot stand having my hair length past my shoulders, i’m really not ready to join the pandemy-self-haircut club yet, unless.........

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our third (pseudo-)lockdown, & i *still* haven’t gotten a haircut yet...

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