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It's been nearly two years since I painted this but this is one of my favourite pieces I've ever made, despite not being one of the more popular ones.

I've never made anything so loaded with implication.


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Hi, I'm Kav.

I'm a digital artist, and I draw a lot of furries. My main personal worldbuilding project is +700, a science fiction world set 700 years in the future. I take interest in drawing fashion, firearms and guns, cars, spaceships, graphic design, space, among other things.

Outside art, I can sort of code, do frontend web dev, do computer things, and am attending a college to learn industrial design, among other things I can't recall.

See the reply for more links.

time to sleep at quarter past 8 like i'm 7 years old again

who wants a quick commission? sketchy flat, starting at $40 for a single character. Price will depend on complexity of subject matter


I just noticed my laptop has volume buttons

annoying thing is that I want to buy some art supplies but the nearest Curry's is like an hour away + no other store stocks all the stuff I want

[poe dameron voice] I can destroy anything

working on expanding the stripe collection

this is going to be as good a breakfast as you're gonna get from me

I'm being overwhelmed on Twitter help

it's just animal people. everywhere. where did they come from. what do they want

holy shit the new compositing engine in Photoshop is really fucking slick

my viscom prof lent this to me and it's a great pen, I need to get some of these myself


@Ween @kavaeric college is the dude across the hall from you owning no less than *six* guitar hero controllers


@kavaeric college is seeing a guy on your floor put a pizza in the oven

while it's still in its box

college is seeing a student at the residence put a dryer sheet into the washing machine

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