It's been nearly two years since I painted this but this is one of my favourite pieces I've ever made, despite not being one of the more popular ones.

I've never made anything so loaded with implication.


I'm not sure I've ever made anything since with such a nice colour palette either

I think what I like about it a lot is that, in film/video games/whatever, I am aware of the great many times the Golden Gate Bridge has been destroyed. we could probably list off five different ways off the top of our heads

in Gate though, it's like one of those murder mysteries where none of the evidence adds up and there's no easily discernable cause

the road deck is gone. perhaps from another cataclysm you've seen in a kaiju movie

yet the two towers are still there, untouched and unblemished. they might have been rebuilt or repaired, but apparently the road deck was forgotten about

there isn't a replacement bridge either. the pass into the San Francisco bay remains unadorned. if the neglect was from flying cars replacing anything travelling on roads, then the sky is eerily absent of them

and the scene itself is serene. Traveller herself is unfazed, she's just chilling on some rocks with her feet in the sand. Otis Redding could be playing in the background

but to you, the viewer, something certainly isn't right. because, well, that iconic bridge...isn't a bridge anymore

for the longest time I said I wanted my art to tell a story

but in reality, what I think I really want is to make art that is laced with implication. lead the reader on a trail, let them wonder


Environmental storytelling is kind of old hat. Leave a bread trail, but don't give them the end.

make it uncomfortable. let me challenge you

And so there the twins stand, their purpose to lift and carry long lost in the current.

Of what their monolithic gaze guards - the bay, the shores, or the sea - is unknown, but one may pass between, should they be willing and able.


@kavaeric You really ought to pin this to your profile here at least. People really ought to see it.

@kavaeric i think Marin County dreams about this tbh

bougie NIMBY low-density transit-free heaven up there

@kavaeric I glanced at this, thought "cool, okay." Then looked closer and stopped breathing.

This is good.

@starkatt it would, though I might have to upscale it to make it printable

LB (threaded): no really give this painting more than half a second.

@kavaeric Would you be okay if i used this as a wall paper? It's beautiful, and I'm finding more layers the more I look at it.

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