With a profit margin of normally 25%+, I've set my margin to this to 2% and lower. Have at it!!

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ALTERNATIVELY if you have qualms with RedBubble/me and/or you want to download absurdly high resolution images of the design to print them yourselves, HAVE AT IT

(22.5 MP and up, transparent PNGs)

@kavaeric honestly i think having more than one women's fit is more tempting than the (good!) design tbh

@kavaeric eh nothing really i just rarely actually see like, lots of different fits for shirts online. usually it's just "unisex & womens" or just "unisex"

@Vann ohhhh, I'm afraid that's stuff on RedBubble's side, nothing I can do :<

in the reply to that though I do have downloads for the hires if you have a personal preferred clothing maker?

@kavaeric ah nonono i'm good, redbubble did fine there i'm saying i'm glad there's multiple fits available :3

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