"Since they first appeared, ‘Smart Home’ devices have been marketed as faithful servants, ready to aid and assist their owners. The truth is that they have been designed to serve only the interests of capital as houses become assets. We need to start imagining digital technologies that could serve emancipatory projects aimed at ensuring homes for all that are not just ‘smarter’ but happier, safer and more secure" autonomy.work/portfolio/beware

@kavbojka @jalcine Good read, thanks. Is there a need to push towards any of this smart tech in the home? FOSS or not, laptops and cellphones already seem way, way to much tech to have in the household.

I agree but doubt our way of thinking will win over. I've spent the last two weeks railing against the loss of analog telephones. Why did we have to completely abandon that infrastructure? Why was so little time given over to interoperability?

@kavbojka @jalcine We kept a dial phone at home until recently so the kids would have memory of it and as a cry against losing technological sovereignty I suppose. This is happening all too fast. Why? A part from the capitalism and domination of society that is always pushed forward, Digital Tech in itself seems to be seeking some sort of divine outcome. Creating a new, non-biological life form of life, smarted and stronger than humans, humans of mere flesh, is truly the work of God. Good old Christian values fucking us over once again.

Well, I'm a practicing Christian and those don't reflect my values at all.

@kavbojka Oh, I keep forgetting where we are, sorry about that. @jalcine

@jalcine @tuttle
Same question here, tbh. I don't get what you mean.

@kavbojka @jalcine I mean some people are Christians, others are not. That's where we are. Personally I think it is one of the worst things that have happened to humanity.
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