"The essential animus of neoliberalism is rebranding precarity as opportunity."

Lately, I reconnected my approach of neo-liberalism and christianity.

I'm clearly the second and even clearly not the first.
And honestly, the more and more I push both my Christianity and my critic of global capitalism further on, the more I see how (and why) Weber was wrong.

I can't understand how a Christian could be capitalist, neo-liberal and all. I just can NOT.

That being said, I need to also add that Christians, churches, pastors and members of the Catholic orders, we all need to get our eyes on the Book and underStand that we have a BIG mission regarding ecology and social-ecology.

Most of the time, we're way too late on those very urgent and yet still decisive topics.
How could we still be late when the Book we read is centuries old !

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