Agreed. I think that is why I gravitate towards the anarchist way of thinking. Socialism has great economic analysis but I feel is not centrally concerned with the question of liberty. We are SO spiritually crushed by capitalism. How can we get free from the means by which it constrains us? I don't want to run the factory, I want out out out!

@kavbojka @queeranarchism FYI the Soviet Union was planning to reduce the working day to less than 4 hours by 1980. Unfortunately revisionism took hold before this could be achieved.

@kavbojka @queeranarchism the factory should run itself so we can just go "make me a..... idk a cute dress" and then the only work is if it breaks to fix it

@kavbojka @queeranarchism like kjsdfgkjg i mean in an automation way not like. how things are right now way

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