"Rather than pursue investment returns that prioritize perpetuity, what if foundations invested their assets in ways that deliberately addressed inequality? What if foundations divested from Wall Street altogether and instead invested in local economic enterprises that are building wealth in communities of color and low-wealth communities?"



Two critical questions remain:
1) “Can foundations be liberated to build a more just and equitable economy?” and
2) “Is philanthropy ready to create a world where it is no longer needed?”

@kavbojka I am very sceptical that they can.

Perhaps the expertise and skills people have gained working in them can but the problem is that non-profits, NGOs (whatever they are called) are fundamentally tied to the current hierarchies of power due to their funding models and structures.

I think it would generally be better for people to start new structures in these areas with better models.

@kavbojka Basically I have always found the radical potential of a NGO neutered due to a structural inability to form a class based analysis and critique of capitalism.

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