Municipalist Politics and the Specter of Emancipation

"...why was the municipalist movement unable to bring about any fundamental change in the way politics is practiced, even just at the local level? Why was it unable to sustain a new way of doing politics? What can we learn from these experiences in order not to make the same mistakes again?"

D’you know when this was published? It’s in the most recent edition # 10. But ROAR puts no dates on its issues (a chronic failing of web publications generally).
Very good to have though, thankx

Mike, I think it is from this month or last month. I know some people who are part of the collective and this is the latest, afaik.

Thankx Camille 😃 It gets me, how there's no tradition on the web of clearly date-stamping documents - eg editions of Roar. It matters, to know whether something like this is today's news and today's concepts, or three years back. As if anything could be timeless! Should have history on the face of it 😉 ?

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