Interesting stuff. Some food for thought on communalism’s role in techno-utopianism; horizontalism vs verticalism; the politics of infrastructure.


I think its important to note that this differs from the Bookchin flavor of communalism. While he thought technology had liberatory potential, I think the micropolitics he championed was in reaction to these communes and their apolitical prefigurative projects rather than in support of them. The liberatory potential could only be realized in a revolutionary climate where political pressure wws consistently applied to shape the direction of its development, implementation, and maintenance.

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This is what we in CNI try to merge. So far, however, it seems hardly feasible. Especially in anarchist context, technology-oriented mindset and political awareness almost never inhabit the same mind. Additional trouble is that people say "technology" and think "computers". Almost no one understands that for a real living community sewage and food production is more important than computer network (although the latter may facilitate the former), while all of them are technology systems.

We start at the low level -- a series of community built wind turbines. But is we get traction (money and people wise) I hope we will give new life to liberatory technology.

This is great. There is a small but growing group of radical technologists in the Maintainers space and also trying to expand the solidarity economy. A new world is still possible, we just have to work on it and not get burnt out or overly frustrated.

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I would be happy to get inro some kind of synergy -- granted, for now we are more on the receiving side. But in six months I hope to change it, especially if it concerns open hardware (turbines and such).


On the theory-side, Bookchin's flavour of anarchism seems quite pro technology and its liberatory potential. I also enjoyed Inventing the Future as an outline of a radical left tendency embracing technology.

I agree that perhaps too often tech is conflated with free software and mesh networks...

Cooperation Jackson is a really inspiring example of a radical left group incorporating necessary tech (including food production, renewable energy) into their plans.


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