I kinda wanna know about this thing but then again... I kinda don't.

I can't lie. Sunbeam.city has me thinking about packing up and moving or at least setting up a second home....

If you can quit social media, but don’t, then you’re part of the problem, Jaron Lanier says

"You’re not doing anything to free those who are more trapped. You’re only enslaving them more by entrenching the system."



Handbook from 1908 "How to become an American Citizen" by the Slovenian Publishing Company - 40 West Street New York, NY


The sheer amount of corporate celebrations of Pride are a fucking shame. Capitalism vampires all the fun out of everything. Rainbow handles.....REALLY??


The sheer glee my kid experienced at this Nick Cave Armory exhibition was renewed confirmation that I don't want to sink emotional energy into efforts that don't center blackness, femininity, and queerness--the places we find joy and respite. Like Ru says, you can "come pay me" for some of my time but I aint bleeding for shit that isn't riding for me. Real talk.


"A scriptorium was like a co-working space for writing." Sandi Metz of talks about the history of writing and logging payments at


"Trust is the currency of a community."

A presentation by Alex of Pushpay, a payment system for church donations and tithing. Who knew?!


"If you want things to be usable by people with disabilities, listen to us and follow best practices." @sublimemarch on birdsite here at


"Why is anyone listening to Tim O’Reilly?"

In a new book, Silicon Valley’s favorite publisher praises the establishment while refusing to engage with its critics.



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