Socialists (especially DSA socialists) drive me crazy but I am SO here for AOC. I came for the lipstick but I'm staying for the shade and hottakes. Yaaaasss!

We should start a campaign to encourage people to visit the actual internet rather than these bothersome and exploitative apps.

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Quick survey, anybody know if they just sent this out to the black riders? I mean is this their attempt at targeted marketing? Eek.... I don't even use this service. But I'm really not using it now.

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I swear to Gawd, some of the toots on here. I might seriously open a store that sells mugs and shirt with my faves. Starting with this one. @jacethechicken a month later and I am STILL laughing at this one.

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(Truthdig) This Country Is on Track to Be Run by Billionaires' Kids

Our ancestors took action against wealth inequality similar to that we're seeing in the U.S. today. We can too.

Why Co-ops and Community Farms Can’t Close the Racial Wealth Gap

Because of historical inequity, and historical underdevelopment which has occurred in Black communities and Brown communities, often we don’t have the mechanisms in place to handle large grants, like a large White nonprofit ”

I dare some liberal to try to ask me to go protest the firing of Jeff Sessions or to protect any member of the FBI. I double dog dare them.

The First Guaranteed Basic Income Program Designed for Single Black MomsThe Magnolia Mother’s Trust asks participants what they need to not only pay the bills but also to fight generational poverty.

Recode Daily: Kara Swisher interviews Elon Musk

I might not like everything he does or says but this dude is a legit comic book style mad genius and I'm enjoying it.

Rent regulation is fundamentally fair: Don't swallow the line that some tenants lose because others win - NY Daily News Opinion Page

"It's not rent regulated vs. unregulated tenants; it's real estate speculators vs. the rest of us. No need to wonder which side to be on"

Heaven On Earth. Neighborhood Parliaments in India

Neighborhood parliaments in India. The two solutions to powerlessness and selfishness are: smallification and neighborhoodization. Watch this inspiring video...

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