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Camille E. Acey

"A scriptorium was like a co-working space for writing." Sandi Metz of talks about the history of writing and logging payments at

"Trust is the currency of a community."

A presentation by Alex of Pushpay, a payment system for church donations and tithing. Who knew?!

Btw is the Paymentsfn conference ( which is a fantastic new conference for people in the online payments community. Check it out!

"If you want things to be usable by people with disabilities, listen to us and follow best practices." @sublimemarch on birdsite here at

Well I'm glad you tooted it so I could find you!

I heard him being interviewed a while back..he is so completely full of shit.

"Why is anyone listening to Tim O’Reilly?"

In a new book, Silicon Valley’s favorite publisher praises the establishment while refusing to engage with its critics.

When I'm feeling down I need to go back to my principles,namely:
A better world is possible.
Building dual power on the Municipal level is key.
Loving your neighbor as yourself is the Golden rule in life and politics.
Community building is the highest praxis.
Positivity is Revolt

Community organzing is so hard. I am gonna take a few months off from community shit soon to read, relax, regroup. I cannot wait. Feeling so defeated.

This whole week with that lawyer rant and the lady calling the cops on the black people having a BBQ reminded me of Neal Brennan's "White People Can't Relax" bit
"They're always worried about the rules and who's breaking them."

"Abolition also means engaging with Asian Americans who have not benefited from investments in capitalism and the prison industrial complex, such as refugees and Muslims. This means avoiding the reproduction of the model minority myth's anti-Black assumptions about the culture of crime and deviance, which reproduces notions of Black criminality, when working with Asian-American communities involved in the criminal legal system."