Hey I can finally announce that in September I'm going to be a Mozilla Open Web Fellow! I'll be working with Code for Science & Society, focused on weirding up the decentralized web. I love stuff like Mastodon, obviously, but I think the decentralized web can be more interesting and mind blowing than "big tech we already know, but decentralized".


YES! I enjoy your work and can't wait to see (get involved in?) whatever you come up with.

I can't lie. Sunbeam.city has me thinking about packing up and moving or at least setting up a second home....


The "Hide everything from this instance" option in your profile is an instance block, not an instance silence.

What that means for you:

1) You will unfollow everyone on the server you suspend
2) You will be unable to interact with anyone from the server you suspend

It is not a mute, it is a block


"In the world of film we’ve edited out all rebellion...It’s replaced by other mundane things that aren’t really in our world, like noontime café dates." Boots Riley, director of Sorry To Bother You blackagendareport.com/intervie

Libertarian Socialists always know what kind of Libertarians you're talking about when you say "Libertarian", they never have to ask

This all REALLY resonated with me. I'm part of this colet.space and loosely affiliated with Bookchin's ISE. Sign me up!
@nindokag @makeworld

Yes. We have returned! I hope to see you and chat IRL soon!

"A Suggestion for Jeff Bezos’s Long-Awaited Funding Initiative: Do No Harm" nonprofitquarterly.org/2018/08
I particularly enjoyed "former dictator island & wellness spa" also "STEM-free teacher training using whole-brain (and no-screen) learning"

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Uh oh. Might be an ear infection or swimmers ear. I had both at the same time. I had to have my ear vacuumed out! 😢

i have heard lots of people talking about twitter saying how it "used to be good" and i think that has less to do with twitter itself and more to do with how many of us used to enjoy participating in a conformist social structure. and we weren't really as focused on the bad side of tech, only the good, because social media was all new and exciting.

15 years ago, the internet was used to escape the real world. Today, the real world is an escape from the internet

Is it possible to move a Mastodon account to another instance without losing followers?

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