Unfortunately there are not a lot of stellar examples of coops doing Principle 6 well. Platform coops would have to mine good examples as they try to set them.

Dublin Story Slam Podcast has emerged as a true delight in my life. Heartwarming stories told in a range of lovely Irish accents. Some days it's the little things that pull me through.

@Wolf480pl @Shamar @technomancy “There is a radical error, I think, in the usual mode of constructing a story….I prefer commencing with the consideration of an effect.” - Edgar Allan Poe

I have a lot of recommended reading up here under "Technology" colet.space/readings/

@Wolf480pl @Shamar @technomancy That Cohen book is worth a read just to get a better sense of what an incredibly bad actor Peter Thiel is. I RUN from companies where he is involved.

@Wolf480pl @Shamar @technomancy Yeah Anada Giridharadas talks about this in Winners Take All also Noam Cohen in The Know-It-Alls. What Silicon Valley is, is shaped by the super narrow world views of the (mostly) white guys who run it and fund it.

a normal society: people need houses so we should build them

a commodity fetishist society: some people have to be homeless because otherwise some peoples money numbers will go down

You should be able to find it in your Twitter settings under thrid party apps or Authorized Apps or some such.

need a gender to take to a family occasion so my aunties will stop pestering me
"when are you gonna get a gender"
"you're leaving it late to grow one now..."
"where's YOUR gender then?"
just need to borrow for one night. i'll return it in original condition i promise. hmu i can pay in boosts

@SuzanEraslan And yes. I bought read the book. I *didn't* love it... it wasn't what I expected it to be, but there was definitely a lot in there.

@SuzanEraslan oooh your friend? Can you connect me to her? maybe please? please? please? I know NO other black women anarchists and i have a couple things I wanna ask her about.

I wish people in black bear costumes would tear apart the corporate headquarters of these companies. Black Friday campers are with us!

Here is the Anarchism of Blackness btw roarmag.org/magazine/black-lib Well worth a read....as is everything in Roar magazine.

More racist white people EXPOSED on social media evidences the anarchism of blackness Show more

That said, I do think that the impulse here comes from a sense that there is wisdom and solution in the polity and this has been evidenced in many cases. Racists lose their jobs, their apartments, their social status . Call-out culture undoubtedly has its limits, but call out culture/ostracism is a step up from outright impunity which is often the result of appeals to the state. However, embracing and strengthening non-state security and justice could move us further.

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I mean just look at the unit economics. For the amount of money I'm sure Weiner was paid, Terence Nance could probably make like two more seasons of Random Acts of Flyness. You get max enjoyment from a quality black creator versus continuing to toss money at mediocre white dudes who produce mediocre white fare.

Every time I hear an ad for The Romanoffs, I think "Why did they give Matthew Weiner money to make ANOTHER showwith all white people?" To be honest, every time I see an ad for ANY show with all white people I'm like "COME ON, Y'ALL!"

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